Reviews left by Vidian

Thu, Mar 15 11:33 AM Vidian review of Space Journey (be patient..) by Carosone
Its amazing, how you are such a story teller, through music :D
Mon, Mar 12 7:49 PM Vidian review of _c:ell_4T by colab
Very nice :D if u ever get around to it you should upload an instrumental :D
Mon, Mar 12 8:51 AM Vidian review of GE Theme 1 (138bpm) by George_Ellinas
This is probably my favorite sample ever :P
Mon, Mar 5 3:10 PM Vidian review of Echo by Psykick
Nice and deep :D I love the effects on the vocals
Sun, Mar 4 3:35 AM Vidian review of Goa is a State of Mind by Psykick
I think this is perfect
Fri, Mar 2 11:44 PM Vidian review of F for Joy by RoseCaraway
Haha thats f*ing Awesome :D
Sun, Feb 19 10:48 PM Vidian review of Lenore by shimoda
Haha I love this :D I've been thinking of going into some sort of abstract proce...
Sun, Feb 19 10:44 PM Vidian review of Insect Love by gurdonark
Is that only my samples and nothing else? I had no idea you could make them soun...
Sun, Feb 19 11:40 AM Vidian review of Detachment by snowflake
HA, Seems we both fixed our problems with our bass :D This sounds awesome :D Its...
Sun, Jan 22 4:59 PM Vidian review of BY THE WAY by BOCrew
This is really nice :D I really like this chilled side of you :D
Sat, Jan 14 10:59 PM Vidian review of The Easton Ellises - Ersatz - acappella by theeastonellises
That is awesome :D
Fri, Jan 13 9:50 PM Vidian review of Glory Hole (Stems) by stellarartwars
lol Glory Hole :D I like it :D
Mon, Jan 2 12:50 PM Vidian review of Ascenion by Supercollide
Maybe, but definitely beautiful :D
Sat, Dec 31 5:58 AM Vidian review of You Run Away by Mojo
Hai :D Nice song!! I recommend though, You add some tags so the house heads don'...
Sat, Dec 31 5:54 AM Vidian review of Powerpuff Tune - Sirene by PowerpuffTune
:D This reminds me of that song, that's like... Awesome :D omg, I'm so loving th...