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Reviews left by Vidian

Fri, Dec 16 3:29 PM Vidian review of Shine by snowflake
Beautiful :D I want your voice. I'll keep it in a jar, but it will be open all t...
Sun, Dec 4 4:17 PM Vidian review of EYE 1 DA by BOCrew
Nice, Always beautiful thick sound
Fri, Dec 2 5:57 PM Vidian review of Boats by timberman
Wow. I really like the a capella.. Simple and awesome and so very useful, I thin...
Fri, Dec 2 12:45 PM Vidian review of I Do Not Know How to Love You in English by Suzi Q. Smith
I agree with Panu!! :D APB is maaaybe my favorite... maybe this one.. I can't de...
Fri, Dec 2 12:21 PM Vidian review of Noel (variation) by snowflake
You are amazing :D I hated the original noel :P it made me all bah-humbug Chri...
Fri, Dec 2 9:11 AM Vidian review of Neol (Robbero remix) by Robbero
Nice remix. I love the vocal effects, and how perfectly they're backed by this b...
Fri, Nov 25 10:50 AM Vidian review of Where's the Party? by texasradiofish
This is genius :D
Fri, Nov 25 10:15 AM Vidian review of Rainy Day by basematic
I'm feeling this. Nice. Beautiful.
Mon, Nov 21 12:42 PM Vidian review of leaves by airtone
Haha I love you :D U found the airtones in my music :D Thank you :D
Wed, Nov 9 7:05 PM Vidian review of DJ Death (tHE sINGLE) by stellarartwars
lol WTF this is awesome, didn't know so much death could be in 5 minutes. Thanks...
Thu, Oct 27 2:09 AM Vidian review of map2 by airtone
Very nice track :D
Wed, Oct 26 11:37 PM Vidian review of Subway all by Surveillance_Party
Dude, You rock
Mon, Oct 24 11:17 PM Vidian review of Shape Shifting Aliens - Vocals and Otamatone by Kara Square
LOL OMG This is the craziest thing ive ever heard, I have to make a remix that ...
Mon, Oct 10 11:43 PM Vidian review of Conquistador by Jeris
This is actually... really sexy :D lol @ Klezmenco
Mon, Oct 10 11:42 PM Vidian review of The Blooming Sun by septahelix
This is such a great blend of styles :D