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Reviews left by Jeris

Thu, Mar 25 8:19 PM Jeris review of All Alone by ScOmBer
This is great! I decided to just turn mine into an instrumental of this. It's li...
Fri, Dec 18 8:38 PM Jeris review of Digital Glue by Apoxode
Very cool!!!
Thu, Dec 17 10:45 AM Jeris review of citySkies by airtone
Mon, Dec 14 7:24 AM Jeris review of The Leaving Of The Angel by Radioontheshelf
Wow, you really framed that with something special. Panu always seems to get to ...
Sun, Dec 13 9:10 AM Jeris review of For You, I'll Jazz There (feat DJazzlang) by Siobhan Dakay
Straight fire!
Sun, Dec 13 7:45 AM Jeris review of Out There Somewhere .... by VickyDan
Wow, this has an intense,ominous feeling to it. Perfect soundtrack for an AI tak...
Sun, Dec 13 7:30 AM Jeris review of Save Us by Snowflake
What... Snowflake and Loveshadow?! Love it! Seems like the whole community has m...
Sun, Dec 13 7:04 AM Jeris review of En Shenandoah by Down With Ben
One of my favorite tracks on ccM and now one of my favorite remixes!!
Sun, Dec 13 6:54 AM Jeris review of Wait here for you by ScOmBer
Don't think I've ever heard you two together. This is powerful! Congrats on the ...
Sun, Dec 13 6:51 AM Jeris review of Amor Pirata by reiswerk
Wow thank you, that WAS fun! Love the new mix and your additions!
Sun, Dec 13 6:41 AM Jeris review of moonlight by airtone
Every single tone is an airtone...and those are my favorite tones : ) fantastic...
Tue, Sep 15 6:16 AM Jeris review of I Wont Abandon You by ScOmBer
Cool, sounds like there were some happy accidents and magical moments in there. ...
Sun, Sep 13 7:17 PM Jeris review of Where the Moon Shines Bright by Kara Square
Masterpiece! "But Stefan Kartenberg already created the mix of my dreams. Fine t...
Sun, Sep 13 7:10 PM Jeris review of Say Their Names - Love and Remember by SackJo22
Ooh, this is nice!
Sun, Sep 13 6:13 PM Jeris review of Timeout by bangcorrupt
FONKY! Excellent use of the samples, thanks!!