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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Fri, Aug 22 5:51 PM Jeris review of The River .... by VickyDan
Excellent, your stuff is always so mature and premeditated. This one is very Woj...
Thu, Aug 21 11:21 AM Jeris review of Little Jazz by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Yup...I was fully expecting this. Nice job!
Tue, Aug 19 4:50 PM Jeris review of Jazz on Redial by Scomber
Ooh...nice mashup! Like Chris Isaak gone jazz.
Fri, Aug 15 7:26 AM Jeris review of Mother by debbizo
Thanks for remixing this...it's lovely :) Made me think of my mom on the beach ...
Sun, Aug 10 5:01 AM Jeris review of We Will Return by copperhead
Sounds great...love the mix. Everything just sits perfectly in there!
Mon, Jul 21 8:50 PM Jeris review of History and Chemistry by texasradiofish
Awesome...is that Maynard on trumpet?..lol
Sun, Jul 20 4:12 AM Jeris review of History & Chemistry by SackJo22
Nice mix! I like all the additions!
Fri, Jul 18 2:29 PM Jeris review of City Life by Donnie Ozone
Very cool, thanks for remixing! BTW...I gotta another hip hop track I'll be ...
Fri, Jul 11 9:29 AM Jeris review of Objective C# by Admiral Bob
For this divine masterpiece I'll let the geeky title slide :)
Wed, Jul 9 7:56 PM Jeris review of Dysfunctional, baby by Admiral Bob
Cool...nice wall of sound!
Wed, Jul 9 10:31 AM Jeris review of Climb by Snowflake
Very cool...sounds like a Fiona Apple track! Sounds complete to me...but yeah, ...
Tue, Jul 8 8:36 AM Jeris review of TraLa by Admiral Bob
Dude this is exactly what I thought of listening to this track yesterday!!!! I w...
Mon, Jul 7 4:25 PM Jeris review of TraLa by SackJo22
How have I never heard this? It's so good. Nothin like some good folk harmonies!...
Sat, Jul 5 6:22 AM Jeris review of TraLa (the Let's Never be Far mix) by SackJo22
Beautiful work, thanks for using the samples!
Mon, Jun 30 7:44 AM Jeris review of Jah Wisdom (Change) by Snowflake
Love it, exactly what I was hoping for!