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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Sat, Oct 25 5:28 AM Jeris review of The Color of Blues by texasradiofish
That's great man, love it!
Thu, Oct 23 2:53 PM Jeris review of If_You_Wait by Stefan Kartenberg
Congrats on the well-deserved red star : )
Wed, Oct 22 9:32 PM Jeris review of Train of the Organized Truth by Stefan Kartenberg
Cool...reminded me of Cassandra Wilson's cover of Last Train to Clarkesville
Tue, Oct 21 11:59 AM Jeris review of All of the World feat. Snowflake by Levihica
Really cool, love all that synth stuff :)
Tue, Oct 21 11:12 AM Jeris review of Money To Burn by unreal_dm
Wow, this is a very different sound for you...same excellent production though a...
Tue, Oct 21 11:02 AM Jeris review of Growth in the Garden (1) by SackJo22
Nice...kind of a Charlie Hunter vibe to it :)
Mon, Oct 20 12:17 PM Jeris review of Sunday Afternoon by Robbero
I like it!!
Sat, Oct 18 11:44 PM Jeris review of All of the World by Doxent Zsigmond
Beautiful remix, magical!
Sat, Oct 18 6:11 PM Jeris review of Only Sometimes by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Guess I'm goin Ed Pick crazy tonight...oh well, this was too hot not to! Really ...
Sat, Oct 18 12:35 PM Jeris review of All of the World by keytronic
Wonderful remix...Ed Picked : )
Sat, Oct 18 12:30 PM Jeris review of All of the World by Snowflake
You are so in your element on this, well done!
Sat, Oct 18 12:20 PM Jeris review of Out of the Blue by copperhead
Awesome work..had to Ed Pick it! Even before I heard the bridge : )
Fri, Oct 17 8:19 AM Jeris review of Music Connects Us by eliki
Very cool, nice clear mix
Thu, Oct 16 1:34 PM Jeris review of TEFLON_BACKBONE by Stefan Kartenberg
Yes! Perfect track for that pell
Tue, Oct 14 10:24 PM Jeris review of U Help me Take it in by Loveshadow
Top notch Chill...have you heard any of the Water Music label stuff? This is rig...