Reviews left by Tom_O

Tue, Jul 10 8:56 AM Tom_O review of Disappointed by copperhead
You are on a roll. I am far from a punk fan but this has a nice edge to it.
Tue, Jul 10 8:52 AM Tom_O review of Scent of You by copperhead
Laid back blues. Congrats on the Ed Pick!
Tue, Mar 6 3:23 PM Tom_O review of Chillin' With Jeris by copperhead
This is not the norm for you but it is dam good...
Fri, Feb 24 4:22 PM Tom_O review of Red Light Images by copperhead
Do you EVER disappoint? Everyone sounds awesome. Great job, man.....great job!
Sun, Feb 19 5:10 PM Tom_O review of Luv Em or Leave Em by copperhead
They will be dancing to this song all over South Beach Miami!!!!!!!! It is purel...
Thu, Feb 2 3:37 PM Tom_O review of Stay Positive by copperhead
What an outstanding job! This sound is so fresh, leaves others way behind. Well ...
Mon, Jan 23 2:00 PM Tom_O review of Simple Things by copperhead
Very different from what I am use to from you but a joyful listen. Leza has a ve...
Mon, Jan 23 1:57 PM Tom_O review of Master Plan by copperhead
You have been very busy. This is excellent.
Thu, Jul 7 5:51 PM Tom_O review of Can't We All Just Get Along? by copperhead
This song has me groovin' around the house. Playing it nice and loud and loving ...
Thu, May 27 5:41 PM Tom_O review of Breakfast with MaryJane (heart beat slows) by ScOmBer
Sat, May 22 6:14 AM Tom_O review of My Resting Place by Admiral Bob
Sat, May 22 6:00 AM Tom_O review of Get Up by copperhead
Great version of this. I really appreciate you doing this for me .
Sat, May 22 5:57 AM Tom_O review of Get Up by mghicks
I could have never imagined this in a million years lol. This is a pretty amazi...
Sat, May 22 5:53 AM Tom_O review of Get Up by unreal_dm
Thank you for doing an incredible backing track to my vocal. I am really enjoyin...
Sat, May 22 5:50 AM Tom_O review of Hold On by Briareus
This is very interesting and I love what you did here. Total different then what...