Reviews left by TheDICE

Tue, Dec 20 6:12 PM TheDICE review of All I Want For Christmas by copperhead
awesome mix. very enjoyable. I can distinguish every single sound in your mix, r...
Mon, Dec 19 3:46 PM TheDICE review of Best Christmas Yet (stems) by stellarartwars
wow! very catchy. perfect production too!
Mon, Dec 19 2:36 PM TheDICE review of This Cage by Steven M Bryant
you sing really good and powerful in this track! grats Steven
Mon, Dec 19 2:33 PM TheDICE review of The Best Time of the Year by texasradiofish
impeccable work.
Mon, Dec 19 10:11 AM TheDICE review of Jingle Bells by SackJo22
I recently discovered your profile, and wow wonderful voice! thanks for the file...
Mon, Dec 19 9:49 AM TheDICE review of Jingle Bells by unreal_dm
I was going to write the same of the Admiral, you improved the song! Your chords...
Sat, Dec 17 5:51 PM TheDICE review of See The Wilderness by CSoul
i enjoyed it! was very good, hypnotic
Sat, Dec 17 5:43 PM TheDICE review of Shine by Alex
great arrangement very appropriate
Sat, Dec 17 5:40 PM TheDICE review of What Child is This? by unreal_dm
sounds professional as always... your skills amaze me
Fri, Dec 16 5:34 PM TheDICE review of Behind her Eyes by Wired Ant
cool! nice work i like that brushing sound in the beat
Fri, Dec 16 2:44 AM TheDICE review of Best Time of the Year by Snowflake
Wow, i was suddend teleported in a dancing christmas fairy! perfect production a...
Wed, Dec 14 6:06 PM TheDICE review of Go On by Snowflake
another beautiful song!
Sat, Dec 10 11:09 AM TheDICE review of To the Best Time of the Year by copperhead
This is very good! are you singing? Very good and nice voice! Inspiring! I wa...
Sat, Dec 10 10:59 AM TheDICE review of The History of Longing by copperhead
Usually i don't like this kind of music, but your dance track has something vint...
Fri, Dec 9 5:47 PM TheDICE review of Standing up by Hans Atom
congrats sounds very good