Reviews left by TheDICE

Wed, Jan 1 6:43 AM TheDICE review of Maybe i should stay by Stefan Kartenberg
Amazing track. I really enjoyed
Tue, Dec 31 7:26 AM TheDICE review of When the Meteorologist Predicts Snow by Kara Square
A "funny" true story, I love it. Very catchy arrangement! I like the sound of th...
Tue, Dec 24 12:48 PM TheDICE review of Rise 2 nu Heights by copperhead
Sounds magic! I love the sound of the percussion, a very soft equalization. Wond...
Sat, Dec 21 7:01 AM TheDICE review of Blow-up Santa by texasradiofish
I love this kind of old music. really well done. Enjoyed a lot
Sat, Dec 21 6:52 AM TheDICE review of Hey the Holidays by unreal_dm
Your arrangement is magic. Beautiful song
Sat, Dec 21 6:45 AM TheDICE review of Aurora Dreams by Doxent Zsigmond
Impressive... this is a soundtrack from some famous movie right? really beautifu...
Fri, Dec 20 9:06 AM TheDICE review of California Winter by Snowflake
I like very much this song. Really catchy! It's already stuck in my mind, "calif...
Fri, Dec 20 8:51 AM TheDICE review of Unhappy Holidays by texasradiofish
this is amazing. Really a very elegant arrangement, i love it
Sat, Dec 14 8:14 AM TheDICE review of Who Really Knows About Christmas by texasradiofish
very cool sounds. This is extremely pleasant
Sat, Dec 14 8:04 AM TheDICE review of O Come. O Come Emmanuel by unreal_dm
This doesn't seems to me a festive tune :) It's a cool song for daily use
Sat, Dec 14 7:59 AM TheDICE review of 2013/B by unreal_dm
Excellent instrumental... Discovered it in the Kara's remix. I like it very much...
Sat, Dec 14 7:57 AM TheDICE review of Not So Happy Holidays by Kara Square
I enjoyed it, it's very happy! A pleasant song. Congrats for your voice as usual...
Mon, Dec 9 4:08 PM TheDICE review of Seems So Taxing by copperhead
Great arrangement, the pauses before the chorus are amazing. Enjoyed a lot! This...
Sat, Nov 16 5:06 PM TheDICE review of Up, Back & Beyond ft. Kara Square & Javolenus by Wired Ant
Very atmospheric. Enjoyed a lot! Congrats for the mix
Mon, Nov 11 11:14 AM TheDICE review of Every Hidden Shelter by Admiral Bob
Congrats for your wonderful voice. This track was really pleasant. That pause i...