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Reviews left by Tekno_Eddy

Sat, Jan 17 9:05 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Friendly (Balloon Mix) by Kirkoid
this is really cool great ideas and very creative!
Sat, Jan 17 8:56 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Higher Ground by Scott Altham
A really well produced dance track love the vocal work and has a real solid driv...
Sat, Jan 17 8:52 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Broken (Saturday Night Edit) by Scott Altham
Good Job Man enjoyed it alot as far as limiters are concerned im using the o...
Fri, Jan 16 4:44 PM Tekno_Eddy review of The Secret Anger of Atoms by Loveshadow
Really cosmic Enjoyed It greatly :)
Tue, Jan 13 5:28 AM Tekno_Eddy review of The Heart Of A Man by Loveshadow
Great piece of music you have a lovely voice and i think it compliments the pian...
Mon, Jan 12 9:31 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Going Nuts [Scale Lectrix mix) by Scott Altham
this was great i liked all the instruments and stabs you put into this great att...
Wed, Jul 2 5:47 PM Tekno_Eddy review of We are in Love by MC Jack in the Box
really enjoyed this so smooth perfect for those sunshine days
Fri, Jun 13 3:44 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Come Back 2 Me (A Cappella) by Songboy3
really enjoyed working with this you have a top notch voice
Wed, Apr 2 11:44 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Without_Pain by TheJoe
sounds really nice a very relaxed feel to it the chord progressions are really g...
Fri, Mar 28 12:00 PM Tekno_Eddy review of Pequennas Alas by SilviaO
really liked working with your vox had quite an enchanting feel great stuff i ho...
Fri, Mar 28 6:51 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Epitaphe ( Naked In Cannes ) by Loveshadow
really enjoyed this shadow has a dreamy feel to it , great production aswell top...
Fri, Mar 21 8:30 PM Tekno_Eddy review of Blue Mind by s.c.mixer
great stuff interesting use of vox enjoyed it quite enchanting