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Reviews left by Songboy3

Mon, Oct 19 6:38 AM Songboy3 review of WINTER SOL by BOCrew
I've gone thru quite a few of your postings & I've come to the conclusion that y...
Mon, Oct 19 6:07 AM Songboy3 review of Strange Orange Project by BOCrew
Wicked track, Duke. And I'm hearing these melodies....
Mon, Oct 19 6:02 AM Songboy3 review of MURDERA / KILLA EDIT by BOCrew
This ish is ILL!!!!
Mon, Oct 19 5:55 AM Songboy3 review of These MC's by Alex
Mon, Oct 19 5:49 AM Songboy3 review of Murderer The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
Damn, Lang - A brutha has stepped up his game a bit! This is pure Wickedness, s...
Mon, Oct 19 5:47 AM Songboy3 review of October 12 by onlymeith
Sssssooooooooo SSSSSSWWWWWEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!! Ahhhhhhh.....
Mon, Oct 19 5:40 AM Songboy3 review of Amazing Grace by MC Jack in the Box
I'm am blown away by your take on this, Steve. I finally got around to listenin...
Sun, Oct 18 3:37 PM Songboy3 review of /RereDruM/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Loveshadow
It's a HIT!!!!!!
Thu, Sep 24 9:40 AM Songboy3 review of It Came Upon a Boogie Night by fourstones
Very, VERY nice! You're a very funky, sentimental guy! LOL!!!
Thu, Sep 24 9:29 AM Songboy3 review of Don't Run Away from This CC Mixter Promo by Mykleanthony by mykleanthony
Nice. I'd love to get into the voice-over market myself. The money is SSSSOOOO...
Thu, Sep 24 7:27 AM Songboy3 review of Crazy Love by mykleanthony
Wow. I always get get blown away by the different permutations of the songs...
Wed, Sep 23 6:42 AM Songboy3 review of PEace by Loveshadow
sigh. Just...magic.
Wed, Jul 29 7:52 AM Songboy3 review of Something Special by SuperslyX
First off, I dont understand this statement: "I know it was uploaded for a di...
Tue, Jul 28 8:24 AM Songboy3 review of THE BOUNCE by BOCrew
OHMYGOD! This, my friends, brings to mind 2 words: Straight. Banger. FRESH...
Sun, Jul 26 5:42 PM Songboy3 review of You've Got Me by Loveshadow
Ahhhhhhhh.........Just gorgeousness ad infinitum!