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Reviews left by Songboy3

Mon, May 10 9:45 AM Songboy3 review of Guide Them Home by Loveshadow
A gorgeous, voluptuous and extremely soulful take on "Tituba's Song". For some ...
Mon, May 3 5:52 PM Songboy3 review of Angel by J.Lang
Wow. Well done gentlemen! I like songs where I can hear melodies in my head......
Tue, Apr 27 8:09 AM Songboy3 review of TheoBromaCacao by Loveshadow
DAMMIT, Jeff - this so Dope! When do we get the extended mix?
Tue, Apr 27 7:58 AM Songboy3 review of Coffee and the Chocolate Box by Loveshadow
LOL@"old_shoes! This sounds & feels like creamy milk chocolate! Mmmmm....ric...
Mon, Apr 19 7:57 AM Songboy3 review of NOTHING LIKE THIS / A SIDE by BOCrew
Mon, Apr 19 7:54 AM Songboy3 review of Crazy Love by Blake
HAH! I like this. Sounds like something my daughter might hear on "Yo Gabba Ga...
Thu, Apr 15 5:35 PM Songboy3 review of Heart On Redial by mykleanthony
This is nice, Mykle. But I gotta say it - it just feels like the beginning of a...
Tue, Apr 6 6:36 PM Songboy3 review of Heart on Redial Remix by BarryMorgan
Tue, Apr 6 12:15 PM Songboy3 review of Heart On Redial by Loveshadow
Wow. I gotta tell you, Jeff - I hear something like this from you and I always ...
Sun, Mar 28 7:23 PM Songboy3 review of Something Special by AudioCave
LOLOL! I like this! Great job!
Mon, Mar 22 9:32 AM Songboy3 review of MCJackinthebox - the secret agency mix by shagrugge
This is so dope! I might have missed my chance to participate in this particula...
Mon, Mar 22 9:14 AM Songboy3 review of Stop What You Do! by DoKashiteru
This is just ridiculous! It's really difficult to articulate just how dope this...
Mon, Mar 22 9:08 AM Songboy3 review of Eyes Trying To Shout- Late Night Club Mix by J.Lang
J, this is so ill but it works sublimely! Fantastic work!
Mon, Mar 22 9:01 AM Songboy3 review of What_I_gotta_do_remix by reusenoise
That was SOLID, Re! The vocals never seemed to find the pocket to me but the wh...
Mon, Mar 22 8:29 AM Songboy3 review of The White Cube by mykleanthony
I gotta be honest: When the whole 'White Cube' project scenario went down, I cou...