Reviews left by Shelflife

Mon, Oct 13 12:08 AM Shelflife review of Ten Years of ccMixter by Speck
Great idea and well executed!
Mon, Oct 13 12:02 AM Shelflife review of 247 by Zep Hurme
Well I reckon the old boy does sound a bit like Barry Gibb and there's nothing w...
Sat, Oct 11 6:03 PM Shelflife review of I Can See by copperhead
Definitely a trip down "Edges" road and all the better for it. Nicely Produce...
Thu, Oct 9 5:58 PM Shelflife review of Hide and Seek (acoustic) by keytronic
Wonderful BT to support Fronz's vocal. This mix is perfect as it is. You have...
Thu, Oct 9 5:49 PM Shelflife review of Breaker's Yard (Feels Good) by Speck
Perfect matching but it would still have been good to hear your vocals!
Thu, Oct 9 5:44 PM Shelflife review of Growth in the Garden (Feel Good Mix) by Doxent Zsigmond
Very nice feel to this with the BT supporting the vocal really well.
Wed, Oct 8 10:21 PM Shelflife review of My Valentine by Cezary Ostrowski
Great use of the bass tones which takes the mix up a notch or two
Wed, Oct 8 10:18 PM Shelflife review of Fly to the Rainbow by ScOmBer
Classic sounds put together very well indeed!
Wed, Oct 8 10:10 PM Shelflife review of Heaven_In_Their_Eyes by Stefan Kartenberg
Very tasty vocal work.
Wed, Oct 8 10:09 PM Shelflife review of Feels Good (I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great feel to the mix
Wed, Oct 8 10:00 PM Shelflife review of That's the Only Thing by Loveshadow
A worthy addition to your long list of danceable mixes.
Sun, Oct 5 1:32 AM Shelflife review of Toy Piano Dub by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This has a "falling apart at the seams" feel but in a good way. Everything seem...
Fri, Oct 3 8:39 PM Shelflife review of Two 4 Seven by Loveshadow
Just love that "Air guitar" playing kangaroo!! The mix is pretty good too. ...
Tue, Sep 30 7:35 PM Shelflife review of Like A What? by Scott Altham
Like a what? Like a great mix
Tue, Sep 30 7:29 PM Shelflife review of Sweet_Seduction by Stefan Kartenberg
Ian Dury lives!! Excellent!