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Reviews left by Shelflife

Thu, May 29 3:28 AM Shelflife review of Same Dream by Scomber
Fine remix of a great singer
Thu, May 29 3:26 AM Shelflife review of Hold On .... by VickyDan
Sun, Apr 13 6:30 PM Shelflife review of Sleep, Sleep, Sleep by unreal_dm
Great sounds as usual and always a pleasure to listen to your work.
Thu, Apr 10 1:05 AM Shelflife review of Greensleeves (whatever mix) by Speck
Great idea and marvellously mixed.
Tue, Apr 8 5:50 PM Shelflife review of Stand tall by copperhead
Great track but I would have liked the vocals to be more up front and clear. ...
Wed, Mar 26 6:31 PM Shelflife review of E lucevan le stelle by Dr. Emiliyan Stankov
Wonderful performance and a great reminder of the heights man is capable of achi...
Mon, Mar 3 5:05 PM Shelflife review of Treasureless Island by Robert Warrington
Wonderful stuff! Pirates, parrots and a great bit of Robert "Newton" Warringt...
Mon, Mar 3 4:52 PM Shelflife review of Drink a Little More by copperhead
There once was a time when I could have danced to this and raised a few laughs. ...
Thu, Feb 27 5:14 PM Shelflife review of Touch>> by Scomber
Nice take on the vocal to put it with this backing track
Thu, Feb 27 4:47 PM Shelflife review of Bad Penny by CiggiBurns
Just great and as always a heartfelt performance. On a technical note the mix...
Wed, Feb 26 5:07 PM Shelflife review of Let It Go ............... by Loveshadow
There's nothing wrong with derivatives as long as you don't put all your "notes"...
Wed, Feb 26 5:00 PM Shelflife review of Verily they shall be stoned (ft. Doxent) by robwalkerpoet
I was almost expecting David Attenborough to knock on the studio door hoping to ...
Wed, Feb 26 4:47 PM Shelflife review of No_Ones_Keeping_Score by Stefan Kartenberg
The vocal works really well with the backing track as you take us down memory la...
Tue, Feb 25 4:34 PM Shelflife review of None Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Hum or no hum this is good!
Wed, Feb 19 5:01 PM Shelflife review of D_170 by unreal_dm
Excellent work and full of onward potential.