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Reviews left by Shelflife

Tue, Jul 8 5:00 AM Shelflife review of Bounce by copperhead
Great feel to this and it all sounds so tight and fresh.
Tue, Jul 8 4:46 AM Shelflife review of TraLa by Admiral Bob
Excellent playing and perfect interpretation of the vocal.
Tue, Jul 1 7:42 PM Shelflife review of Rockin Joe (Rollerscater on water) by Stefan Kartenberg
Great sample from Dave and a great mix from you!
Tue, Jul 1 7:34 PM Shelflife review of Where's My Tommorow ? by Loveshadow
I always think it's the sign of a great musician who can take a bunch of tracks ...
Mon, Jun 30 11:25 PM Shelflife review of Openheart by copperhead
Wonderful production with everything handled with great sensitivity.
Mon, Jun 30 11:13 PM Shelflife review of What Used to Make Me Happy :-) by Loveshadow
Smooth and simple but highly entertaining.
Tue, Jun 24 1:52 AM Shelflife review of Pull the Trigger on My Heart by Admiral Bob
Great production and you sound so coooool! Hats off also to your accomplices
Tue, Jun 24 1:39 AM Shelflife review of When U Went Away by panu
Great sounds and a fine mix by both you and Scomber. There is so much crap ta...
Fri, Jun 20 9:44 PM Shelflife review of Destroy the Shadows by unreal_dm
Quality work here continuing your run of great mixes.
Fri, Jun 20 9:38 PM Shelflife review of A Little Lovin by copperhead
Classic rock sound done so very well
Fri, Jun 20 9:33 PM Shelflife review of fading away by Stefan Kartenberg
Kept reminding me of Donavon with the vocal low but placed right at the front of...
Fri, Jun 20 9:29 PM Shelflife review of Hardcore Harpsichord by Kara Square
Can you please sing louder I cannot hear the words clearly!! Whats this an in...
Mon, Jun 16 12:59 AM Shelflife review of The Maid Of Culmore by Javolenus
Ah you've got me hankering for an Arran sweater! Great traditional music whic...
Mon, Jun 16 12:51 AM Shelflife review of Last Run FLA by panu
Great feel to this and a nice new avatar since I last stopped by! Panu at his...
Thu, May 29 3:29 AM Shelflife review of Fly Again by unreal_dm
Top notch as usual!