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Reviews left by Supercollide

Tue, Dec 13 6:56 PM Supercollide review of Iguana Dawn by Super_Sigil
Cool cool remix man! Thanks for using my sample and I hope you remix me in the f...
Sat, Nov 12 11:10 AM Supercollide review of Ivory (a triptych) by jaspertine
Thanks for using my sample. I am always very interested to check out the remixes...
Thu, Sep 1 4:30 AM Supercollide review of Steady by Nethis
The subtle echoes in the vocals (along with what everyone else said) won it for ...
Mon, Aug 29 7:06 PM Supercollide review of hey friend by dj internet
not your best work... Did you just throw stuff together?
Mon, Aug 15 7:32 PM Supercollide review of Sunshine in My Mind - Piano Remix by lauradee
Please check out/remix some of my stuff. You are very good! Excellent work. R...
Mon, Aug 15 12:23 PM Supercollide review of Cry Over You (black moon mix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian
Lovin' the dubstep!
Thu, Jul 21 10:22 PM Supercollide review of special by sleeperspaceborn
I found this interesting! From-sleeperspaceborn: "cause this was a total blast...
Thu, Jul 21 10:19 PM Supercollide review of Two Distortion head by AT
Interesting and unique BPM : approximately 126 Good Work Reznor
Thu, Jul 21 2:26 PM Supercollide review of Melancholicose by Phazor
My favorite all time ccmixter remix i have heard so far. EXCELLENT JOB> good cut...
Wed, Jul 20 8:54 AM Supercollide review of Mad Drumz by Sal J by salvatore_j
I wouldve tried to make it a bit more complex but good simple beat if thats what...
Tue, Jul 19 10:59 AM Supercollide review of Tell Somebody by unreal_dm
Excellent Work! I agree with the whole radio channel scanning thing lol
Sun, Jul 17 11:30 AM Supercollide review of Shame (dogmix) by oldDog
I know I am 2 years late but i typed "best of ccmixter" on google and yours was ...