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Revlin (Reveling_John):

Reviews left by Revlin

Fri, Oct 31 1:14 PM Revlin review of Promise by onlymeith
Geeesus, you guys went all out. Awesome work (play?)!
Fri, Oct 31 1:10 PM Revlin review of The Cost of the Soldier and His Shadow by radiotimes
Yeah, this is very cool.
Fri, Jul 25 5:58 PM Revlin review of Where Do Feelings Come From? (Cookies & Milk Mix) by Anchor
Beautiful work. Collaboration... what a good idea :)
Mon, Jul 21 5:36 PM Revlin review of Deep In Ya Self (Faith Mix) by DoKashiteru
Cool beans, Do. Glad that riff fits so well with the rap. And you nailed the har...
Mon, Jul 7 3:19 PM Revlin review of Trampa animal 2.0 by SilviaO
This sounds to me like an upbeat dance number, which is what lead to me to remix...
Mon, Jul 7 3:11 PM Revlin review of We are in Love by shakil
This is incredible. I love this site. Every week the collective brilliance of ou...
Thu, Jul 3 2:46 PM Revlin review of Creative Commons to the Rescue by gurdonark
Thu, Jul 3 2:35 PM Revlin review of Ultima Vez (OM Remix) by onlymeith
Quite beautiful. I love the use of the sax.
Wed, Jul 2 7:25 PM Revlin review of Wait (Liquid Version) by maxwell
The melody is very familiar, specifically the one that the synth-oboe thing come...
Wed, Jul 2 6:27 PM Revlin review of Chapped Lips (But still available for kissing) by radiotimes
So where is the sax coming from (or who)? I like this a alot. Good stuff.
Mon, Jun 30 1:38 PM Revlin review of In The Summer by KatazTrophee
Wow. This is such an amazing leap in perspective on the source material. The new...
Thu, Jun 26 9:29 PM Revlin review of Ana (Captain Planet Remix) by captainplanet
This is freakin cool.
Thu, Jun 26 1:54 AM Revlin review of Sooner or Later by teru
OMG....that's really really really good. The harmony (in both the intro and t...
Tue, Jun 24 4:53 PM Revlin review of Language of Birds (Last Man On Earth Song) by Anchor
This is beautiful, man. Will u make all of the tracks available for remixing? I ...
Sun, Jun 8 3:06 PM Revlin review of Lullaby by _ghost
This is utterly beautiful. Thank you.