Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by reiswerk

Sat, Jan 19 11:27 AM reiswerk review of Change de disque by Alex
Wed, Jan 16 12:00 PM reiswerk review of Primitive Dance by Apoxode
Primitive good! Thank you for using my samples!
Sun, Jan 13 8:52 AM reiswerk review of ME ROBO EL SHOW MEGA MIX by SoboSystem
Yes, Mega!
Fri, Jan 4 8:07 AM reiswerk review of Basic Blue Jungle Mechanism by septahelix
Action-Film Soundtrack!
Sat, Dec 22 11:00 AM reiswerk review of Loving Men by The_Stereo_Inspectors
Sounds very real and alive.
Sat, Dec 22 10:57 AM reiswerk review of Free Guitar Horse Beat by septahelix
Reminds me of a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Western Movie. Joyfull!
Sat, Dec 22 10:55 AM reiswerk review of Christmas on Mars by texasradiofish
Nice title, vibrant!
Wed, Dec 19 1:01 AM reiswerk review of Come Sing Along by SackJo22
And I am particularly pleased that you have integrated my stems so well. I'm so...
Sun, Dec 16 3:29 AM reiswerk review of Black Is The Night by 7OOP3D
Sounds really gooooood!
Sat, Dec 15 11:46 AM reiswerk review of GadManDubs - pon top - acapella - 84bpm - amaj by GadManDubs
Funny! Nice to see you here in ccMixter!
Sun, Dec 9 11:17 AM reiswerk review of Old bones by Stefan Kartenberg
Mon, Nov 19 1:21 PM reiswerk review of Journey by Martin Cee (softmartin)
The nicest compliment if you used me 3 times! Beautiful Jungle backing Track!