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Reviews left by reiswerk

Sun, Oct 30 3:20 AM reiswerk review of Halloween Jazz Jam ccMixter Promo by Siobhan Dakay
Ha! Really cool Atmosphere!
Sat, Oct 29 9:03 AM reiswerk review of Closed Eyes by IS
Exotic! Love it!
Mon, Oct 17 11:42 AM reiswerk review of The Belittled Soldier by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Fri, Oct 14 8:59 AM reiswerk review of we are small by panu
A beautiful thoughtful song! Great instrument choice and mix!
Wed, Oct 12 11:41 AM reiswerk review of Ballin [prod. by Robbero] by Robbero
Just like it is, everything fits perfectly.
Sun, Oct 9 1:37 PM reiswerk review of Clinton & Trump grab 'em by the pussy by texasradiofish
Upps. I only digged now. Oh gentlemen, I have no problem when my music is use...
Sun, Oct 9 10:46 AM reiswerk review of Miracles by magmavander
Hello Magmavander! The Instruments more in the Background and this would be a n...
Sun, Oct 9 10:44 AM reiswerk review of Eagles By The Dozen by Subliminal
Admirable! Without creating a structure to create a work of art. I like it.
Mon, Oct 3 12:19 PM reiswerk review of Living Nightmare by Hans Atom
Good drive!!!!
Sun, Sep 25 1:07 AM reiswerk review of I Ain't Funkin' Around by Speck
Interesting mechanical Mix!
Sat, Sep 17 11:43 AM reiswerk review of You asked for it by Robbero
Enjoy it and like it! Thank you for digging Fonik's Rap.
Fri, Sep 9 10:50 AM reiswerk review of Raised Walls - Preview by marcus_jb
Very interesting. Beautiful and soulful singing. Great text!