Reviews left by reiswerk

Wed, Feb 15 7:56 AM reiswerk review of You Give Me The Reason by Stefan Kartenberg
Very sad Version.
Sat, Feb 11 10:55 AM reiswerk review of A Moment of Clarity by Bluemillenium
Nice and clearly Vocal Trancestile!
Fri, Feb 10 11:47 AM reiswerk review of Altar by Zutsuri
Oh my God! Awesome! Fully inspired. Thank you a lot for the perfect Dry Vocal...
Thu, Feb 9 7:42 AM reiswerk review of Probably Shouldn't by Stefan Kartenberg
Good Swing Vibrations!
Thu, Feb 9 7:39 AM reiswerk review of UNDERSTAND ME by Stefan Kartenberg
Great Production!
Fri, Jan 20 11:47 AM reiswerk review of Blind Love Dub by Jeris
Like this Gypsy Reggae!
Tue, Jan 3 7:15 AM reiswerk review of Etude Your Word by Syenta
Wed, Dec 28 11:33 AM reiswerk review of Sirens by Dan_Mantau
Very smooth!
Tue, Dec 20 11:46 AM reiswerk review of Buss It Up (90 bpmISH) by Michael Burnz
Nice, but can't find the right Tempo....!?
Thu, Dec 8 3:56 AM reiswerk review of The Last Resort (ft. Reiswerk) by robwalkerpoet
Thanl you for using my Backgroundmusic. Fits good to your Story!
Mon, Nov 28 1:27 AM reiswerk review of The Rainbow Never Fades by texasradiofish
You used my samples really perfect!
Fri, Nov 18 7:45 PM reiswerk review of Reiswerk the remix by J.Lang
This is now the right seasoning in the soup!
Sat, Nov 12 12:05 PM reiswerk review of Stomp Dance by panu
I would like to hear more percussions. Not so shy!
Sat, Nov 12 12:03 PM reiswerk review of 11 novembre (Let It Rain_remix blue) by Bluemillenium
Bravo!! It's raining! ;))
Tue, Nov 8 1:21 PM reiswerk review of Stop war inna Syria by Stefan Kartenberg
Homogen sounds.