Reviews left by reiswerk

Fri, Jun 30 12:37 PM reiswerk review of Guitalele's Happy Place by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice middle Age like Dance music!
Tue, Jun 6 5:15 AM reiswerk review of Event Horizon by Stefan Kartenberg
Also very nice and more future than my remix!
Sat, Jun 3 12:28 PM reiswerk review of Sewer Snipe by Stefan Kartenberg
Thu, Jun 1 2:56 AM reiswerk review of Bass17w21 by rocavaco
Verx nice fitting Bass! Thank you for remixĂ­ng!
Sat, May 6 1:22 PM reiswerk review of Sumthin Spezial. 2017 by Loveshadow
The really Saturday Club-music!
Tue, Apr 25 12:14 PM reiswerk review of Missing Person by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice Arrangement and Sounds. The right harmonies were not easy for you Stefan...
Wed, Apr 19 12:05 PM reiswerk review of Deliver Me by Speck
Very exciting music!
Tue, Apr 18 11:54 AM reiswerk review of Lully Lullay by Robbero
Fat Gangsta Rap!
Thu, Mar 23 7:46 AM reiswerk review of Reckless by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice Rock, fits very good!
Sun, Mar 19 9:35 AM reiswerk review of LAST DAZE by Stefan Kartenberg
Like the Funky Stile a lot! Good drive!
Sun, Mar 19 9:34 AM reiswerk review of Satisfied by @nop
The music is really cool, like Tom waits! Unfortunately, the singing is somewh...
Sun, Mar 19 9:31 AM reiswerk review of Rooftop Absentia by Speck
Your (Jazz Music :)) is not really my music. But I always admire it as you bring...
Thu, Mar 16 10:36 AM reiswerk review of What Is This Love Of by Speck
An unmistakable bacon!
Sun, Feb 26 12:42 PM reiswerk review of Patternation (ft.airtone) by robwalkerpoet
Nice relaxing Music!
Sun, Feb 26 12:41 PM reiswerk review of The Resistance by texasradiofish
Upps. I hear it only now. My music makes this more dramatically!