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Reviews left by reiswerk

Sat, Dec 15 11:46 AM reiswerk review of GadManDubs - pon top - acapella - 84bpm - amaj by GadManDubs
Funny! Nice to see you here in ccMixter!
Sun, Dec 9 11:17 AM reiswerk review of Old bones by Stefan Kartenberg
Mon, Nov 19 1:21 PM reiswerk review of Journey by Martin Cee (softmartin)
The nicest compliment if you used me 3 times! Beautiful Jungle backing Track!
Wed, Oct 10 3:48 AM reiswerk review of Scream and Shout by Radioontheshelf
I love this stile!
Sun, Sep 30 7:57 AM reiswerk review of Hangin' by Speck
Modern Brazil Jazz! Like it!
Sun, Sep 30 7:53 AM reiswerk review of A Whole New Helix by septahelix
Great! Good drive! Would be nice for an Animation Film.
Sun, Sep 16 1:52 PM reiswerk review of Libre como el Ave (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
Very exciting!
Mon, Jul 23 12:12 PM reiswerk review of Thinking About You 150 by Apoxode
Really good! Thank you for using my samples!
Sat, Jun 23 12:23 PM reiswerk review of Funk with Me 145 by Apoxode
So many samples and really not bad!
Thu, Apr 5 11:21 AM reiswerk review of Happy End by Stefan Kartenberg
Wed, Mar 28 11:27 AM reiswerk review of The Lexicon Of Love by Robbero
Nice to listen!
Wed, Mar 14 12:15 PM reiswerk review of Interstellar Reisepass by Speck
Speck you are really an artist. Nobody like you can do that. All my confused ccM...
Thu, Mar 8 12:10 PM reiswerk review of Figure It Out by The_Stereo_Inspectors
Nice feeling like Brazil Jazz!
Wed, Jan 31 12:16 PM reiswerk review of Last Call by Stefan Kartenberg
Really good! The Doors meets Johnny Cash.
Wed, Jan 31 12:11 PM reiswerk review of Trifonic -Lies (klangwandler rmx) by Klangwandler
Top Sounds!