Reviews left by reiswerk

Tue, Sep 8 4:21 AM reiswerk review of When I Walk With You by Stefan Kartenberg
Suuuper! Like the Snares! Stefan You are a really Vocal-Treasure-Hunter!
Sat, Sep 5 3:44 AM reiswerk review of Poesia by Robbero
Remembers me to Cypress Hill Style!
Thu, Sep 3 1:25 PM reiswerk review of El barrio by guillepaulucci
I listen a little bit Astor Piazzolla!
Mon, Aug 31 12:52 PM reiswerk review of Dad by Stefan Kartenberg
Schöne Stimmung! I mean Blues-Cafe, cold Beer...etc..
Sat, Aug 29 5:47 AM reiswerk review of L'abeille (Vocal, Chorale,chant) by Bluemillenium
Very nice! Bluemillenium do you have a second Verse? The audience wants to ...
Sat, Aug 29 3:09 AM reiswerk review of Come Back to Me by texasradiofish
Very Lazy! 7 Stems and so good remixed!
Sat, Aug 29 2:54 AM reiswerk review of La lavandière de Pontrieux by Bluemillenium
That's History! Cool and typical Middleage!
Wed, Aug 26 1:08 PM reiswerk review of Beijing Taxi Ride by Mana Junkie
Really Fat! I like it!
Wed, Aug 26 9:30 AM reiswerk review of The Stone And The Wind by Speck
I think it's nice if you care about Vibhu Tewary!
Sun, Aug 23 9:06 AM reiswerk review of The Stone That Counts by Speck
Crime Movie in Black and white. ;)) One of my Favorite from wife lik...
Sat, Aug 22 3:42 PM reiswerk review of Urgency by CSoul
Sat, Aug 22 10:42 AM reiswerk review of L'abeille by Bluemillenium
In a renault 2CV thrue the Lavender-Fields of France...
Fri, Aug 21 2:55 AM reiswerk review of CONFIDENCE by Stefan Kartenberg
That's Electric-Guitar playing....really more realistic tham my Remix! ;)
Sun, Aug 16 12:02 AM reiswerk review of Light of Humanity (World must be healing) by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
Good Drive!
Sat, Aug 15 2:09 AM reiswerk review of Funk 'n' Jazz by texasradiofish
The Percussions fits (and all together) very well! Really good Job!