Reviews left by reiswerk

Fri, Sep 9 10:50 AM reiswerk review of Raised Walls - Preview by marcus_jb
Very interesting. Beautiful and soulful singing. Great text!
Sun, Aug 28 2:13 PM reiswerk review of Crowded Shadows by Aussens@iter
Sun, Aug 14 12:57 PM reiswerk review of The Sheep Stealer by Stefan Kartenberg
Like Folk stile like this!
Sun, Aug 14 12:55 PM reiswerk review of Don't Run Away by texasradiofish
Waiter! Even 1 Beer please, it's nice here!
Sun, Aug 14 12:53 PM reiswerk review of The Shark and The Surfer (feat. Blue Wave Theory) by Beluga Ten
exciting and dramatic soundtrack! What happened to the surfer? Was he eaten?
Mon, Jul 25 9:07 AM reiswerk review of Hanging Eleven by Kara Square
Gooood! Remembers me at my Ska-Time as a the early 80th.
Sat, Jul 23 8:41 AM reiswerk review of Mr Rabbit by Stefan Kartenberg
Ha! Goooood! like the Shadows!
Fri, Jul 22 12:32 AM reiswerk review of That's funny ! ( NⅡ Beats ) by veezyn
Yes that's funny. A live Party feeling!
Sun, Jul 10 11:48 AM reiswerk review of Talkboxer by texasradiofish
Really Lacy!
Thu, Jun 30 1:45 PM reiswerk review of To the River by Robbero
Nice! A little bit highcut in the Vocals?
Thu, Jun 30 7:07 AM reiswerk review of Famous Last Words by Siobhan Dakay
Cool Bar-Music!
Thu, Jun 30 7:05 AM reiswerk review of Extinct by Stefan Kartenberg
Very Nice Guitar! And like the Cello!
Fri, May 27 2:15 PM reiswerk review of You and I by Kara Square
A nice and cozy summer song! And thanks for the harmonies!
Wed, May 25 10:41 AM reiswerk review of Instead Of Writing A Letter by Speck
Sciemce Fiction Industrial!
Thu, May 19 10:22 AM reiswerk review of La sans le sou by Bluemillenium
Your singing is so sweet! I think I must once again make a Tango.