Reviews left by reiswerk

Thu, May 19 10:22 AM reiswerk review of La sans le sou by Bluemillenium
Your singing is so sweet! I think I must once again make a Tango.
Tue, May 17 2:36 AM reiswerk review of God Rest Ye Fuzzy Gentlemen by Stefan Kartenberg
Stefan, dein Gitarrespiel ist echt toll! Interessante Version.
Mon, May 16 12:21 PM reiswerk review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold Pell Set ) by Loveshadow
This is great! Full motivation for a new remix, Thank you!
Fri, May 6 7:38 AM reiswerk review of Spoken Groove RMX by Caleb Luporini
Nice! Thank you, for using my music. It's possible to upload a mp3? Flac...
Mon, Apr 25 1:36 PM reiswerk review of twenty one delirious by Stefan Kartenberg
Tolle Percussions!
Sun, Apr 24 2:42 AM reiswerk review of Sister Midnight & The Barn Dance Gang by texasradiofish
Haha great! It's a joy to be in your Band!
Thu, Apr 7 11:59 AM reiswerk review of Leave Your Pain (inc instrumental) by stellarartwars
Really nice drive!
Mon, Mar 28 8:44 AM reiswerk review of Blasphemy by Platinum Butterfly
Nice Vocal Trance!
Sat, Mar 26 3:09 PM reiswerk review of Call on me by Dysfunction_AL
Thu, Mar 24 12:50 PM reiswerk review of Homespun Crusade by Speck
Crime Movie in Black and white...Kommissar Maigret, The Avengers (Mit Schirm Cha...
Sun, Mar 20 8:15 AM reiswerk review of Out Of The Blue (DGDGBD) by Aussens@iter
Sehr angenehmes und homogenes Mixing!
Sat, Mar 19 2:55 PM reiswerk review of This is not Blue love by Bluemillenium
Remembers me the 80th. I think, diaphane is sometims offbeat, but the Vocals f...
Mon, Mar 14 12:05 PM reiswerk review of sometimes lazy by rocavaco
Sehr interessante Instrumente!? Gefällt mir!
Sun, Mar 13 1:47 PM reiswerk review of Blasphemy by Stefan Kartenberg
Würde gut für ein Musical passen. Schöne Atmosphäre!
Sun, Mar 13 1:45 PM reiswerk review of Dig the Uke by Stefan Kartenberg
Ist wirklich funny!