Perfect Harmony Remix Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Wed, May 17 10:41 PM Quarkstar review of Lakeside Jam by spinningmerkaba
Certainly funky and nicely grungy.
Sun, May 14 10:35 PM Quarkstar review of Power of the people by Dysfunction_AL
Think you hit it. Power and emotion can come from simplicity. Simplicity can cut...
Thu, May 11 4:09 PM Quarkstar review of Unknown Folk by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice folk treatment. I enjoyed it.
Tue, May 9 5:34 AM Quarkstar review of wayOutHere by airtone
Nice gentle tune that fits the vocals and the mood.
Tue, May 9 5:20 AM Quarkstar review of 85 Miles by Stefan Kartenberg
Creates a very good mood for the story.
Thu, May 4 7:40 PM Quarkstar review of Do You Really Believe? by Stefan Kartenberg
Powerfully written.
Wed, May 3 8:41 AM Quarkstar review of Bartertown by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice build into a tune of restrained power. Great cinematic tune.
Mon, Apr 24 11:28 PM Quarkstar review of Sakura Blossom by Admiral Bob
Can't believe you have done 3 remixes in a day. Putting in so much effort to fil...
Mon, Apr 24 11:14 PM Quarkstar review of Not So Awesome Tune by Admiral Bob
Awesome guitar, I think this tune hit your sweet spot.
Mon, Apr 24 5:25 PM Quarkstar review of Spy Real High by Admiral Bob
Thank you for the remix and great guitar work. This is the third time you have h...
Sat, Apr 22 10:51 PM Quarkstar review of Unbury Your Heart by Snowflake
Great remix. PS: I saw a wonderful placard. What do we want: More Scienc...
Sat, Apr 22 8:37 AM Quarkstar review of Hard Wired by Kara Square
Excellent remix. Mr_Y is very versatile indeed.
Sat, Apr 22 8:30 AM Quarkstar review of nightRain by airtone
Cinematic! Which is a good thing.
Sat, Apr 22 8:12 AM Quarkstar review of To Remind You by Admiral Bob
Beautifully restrained, aware of the source and sensitively done.
Sat, Apr 22 8:06 AM Quarkstar review of Who┬┤ll play the Blues? by Hans Atom
Well you certainly cracked this. Excellent combination!