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Reviews left by Quarkstar

Wed, Jul 19 3:13 PM Quarkstar review of Space Chicks And Bill (with Javolenus) by Speck
You have magic ears.
Tue, Jul 18 10:50 PM Quarkstar review of B4 The Drilling Begins by Javolenus
Very nice improvisation and a great foundation for remixes.
Fri, Jul 14 3:16 PM Quarkstar review of La mort du serpent (Remix 2017) by Bluemillenium
A hypnotic vibe that evolves and changes, drawing you into the slinky eastern fe...
Fri, Jul 14 3:08 PM Quarkstar review of Who (see a beautiful getting old) by Siobhan Dakay
You have come a long way, beautiful orchestration and melodies. An accomplished ...
Sat, Jul 1 11:12 PM Quarkstar review of Slow Lane (Instrumental) by Siobhan Dakay
Lovely music, perfect for a soundtrack.
Wed, Jun 28 5:10 AM Quarkstar review of Arc de Triomphe by Stefan Kartenberg
A great foundation beat and bass that can sits underneath everything else. A gr...
Wed, Jun 28 5:06 AM Quarkstar review of Secret Agent 120209 (Instrumental Mix) by spinningmerkaba
This one is going to be all over the place. Cinematic sounds.
Sun, Jun 4 10:52 PM Quarkstar review of Do You Really Believe by robomusic
Accomplished. The apparent simplicity hides the complexity. The simplicity draws...
Sun, Jun 4 10:46 PM Quarkstar review of Peace of Mind by @nop
Extraordinary, love it.
Wed, May 31 10:58 PM Quarkstar review of Bass In Your Face by polyplus
Great elements.
Wed, May 31 10:28 PM Quarkstar review of Miracles by Darkroom
Nicely arranged, effective, subtle and restrained.
Sat, May 20 5:03 PM Quarkstar review of Demons Got a Hold on Me by texasradiofish
Another quality Texas remix, excellent!
Sat, May 20 5:01 PM Quarkstar review of What Am I(remix) by @nop
Very much like how you brought all the elements together and the excellent produ...
Sat, May 20 4:55 PM Quarkstar review of still broken by Kristian Skybound
Very nice breathing backing.
Fri, May 19 8:49 AM Quarkstar review of The Queen of Wands Orchestral Remix by Disaster of Music
Shades of Ennio Morricone? Very good.