Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, Oct 27 4:55 AM Quarkstar review of About her by copperhead
Sounds great and kudos for working outside your comfort zone. Really enjoyed it...
Sun, Oct 27 3:41 AM Quarkstar review of Orient Express (featuring Quarkstar Loops) by keytronic
Really enjoyed that, what a journey. Nice crisp sound and you overcame my 5 an...
Sun, Oct 27 1:53 AM Quarkstar review of Every Hidden Shelter by Admiral Bob
Beautiful harmonies and playing, love the video too.
Sun, Oct 27 1:07 AM Quarkstar review of Big Sky by debbizo
Love the words and the pictures they create and goes so well with the huge backi...
Sun, Oct 20 1:59 PM Quarkstar review of the hook,the fall and the fish by latopa
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to this. Its a lovely Bolero,...
Tue, Aug 13 2:28 PM Quarkstar review of Recall by Doxent Zsigmond
This is beautiful, such a great accompaniment and composition for Kara's vocals.
Fri, Aug 9 9:14 AM Quarkstar review of Recall by TheDICE
Sounds good. Usual impeccable attention to detail, the kick drum and bass combi...
Tue, Jul 23 12:14 AM Quarkstar review of Bangin' on those Bongos Like a Chimpanzee by Admiral Bob
Thank you very much for the remix. Half of doing the Secret Remix was to hear my...
Mon, Jul 22 1:53 AM Quarkstar review of Turning Into Normal (What Once Felt Strange) by SackJo22
What a great ride. Off on a thrilling musical journey with great lyrics and mean...
Sun, Jul 21 2:27 PM Quarkstar review of Magic in your eyes by Carosone
So right, so well done.
Sun, Jul 21 11:59 AM Quarkstar review of Recall by Kara Square
I love this, so delicate and expressive. I have never heard you sing like this b...
Sun, Jul 21 11:38 AM Quarkstar review of Porn Machine by Hans Atom
Out of adversity comes some fun music, I like it. Good version of the genre.
Sun, Jul 21 1:52 AM Quarkstar review of Summertime to Go by Scomber
Now that is good, really like this.
Sun, Jul 21 1:47 AM Quarkstar review of Ouch (the sand is hot) by Scomber
Thats delightfully moody, walking music. I can see this going with so many trave...
Sun, Jun 30 12:14 PM Quarkstar review of Strangers To Ourselves (ft Grapes & Gurdonark) by Donnie Ozone
Love that style, mysterious engaging. For me it could be a longer mix.