Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, Mar 23 10:00 AM Quarkstar review of Under the Velveteen Skies by TheDICE
I like the vibe on this, a good summery 80's hit.
Sun, Mar 23 9:53 AM Quarkstar review of April's Eskimo Escapade by Beluga Ten
Thanks very much for remixing, put a smile on my face. Seems I left you slim ...
Sun, Mar 23 9:45 AM Quarkstar review of A Dream is Just a Dream (ft Stefan Kartenberg) by SackJo22
Great concept and execution, love your ability to layer, which also comes out in...
Sun, Mar 23 9:39 AM Quarkstar review of Transitionalism by Mana Junkie
Great concept for the words, and love how you have interpreted it and evolved th...
Sun, Mar 23 12:48 AM Quarkstar review of A city transformed (ft duckett) by robwalkerpoet
Wonderfully artistic interpretation, deeply thought out, beautifully performed.
Sun, Mar 23 12:29 AM Quarkstar review of Run (terrifying Night) by Admiral Bob
Sitting here listening in awe, this is brilliant, shivers up and down my spine. ...
Wed, Dec 11 10:48 AM Quarkstar review of Moonshine's 1. Movement by annabloom
Lovely Orchestral sounds which are suprisingly hard to get right, but they are r...
Wed, Dec 4 5:09 PM Quarkstar review of Path of Glass (Melpomene) by Doxent Zsigmond
Lovely version and some beautiful jazz chords and harmonies. Guitar, pads, drums...
Wed, Dec 4 11:37 AM Quarkstar review of Gotta Get Off The Bus by Speck
Wonderfully inventive and you are so creative with the use of the samples. Th...
Mon, Nov 11 3:27 AM Quarkstar review of More for a Woman to Lose by texasradiofish
Funky and wonderful, great mix.
Sun, Nov 10 10:42 AM Quarkstar review of Hey the Holidays by TheDICE
Great ideas and beautifully done.
Wed, Nov 6 7:51 AM Quarkstar review of It's You I'll Miss (Brass) by keytronic
I like this, you kept it nice and simple which works perefctly with the wonderfu...
Sat, Nov 2 3:35 PM Quarkstar review of Reap The Harvest With Me by charlie_charles
Going on my playlist, I really liked this.
Sat, Nov 2 1:47 PM Quarkstar review of Gravity by Alex
Excellent. Reminds me of Beck with Tony Hymas.
Thu, Oct 31 11:38 AM Quarkstar review of My Phone? by Admiral Bob
Love the idea of suburban rapping. Well done.