Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, Mar 6 4:02 PM Quarkstar review of Fistful of Dub (Feat. Snowflake and DJ Vadim) by spinningmerkaba
Inspired combination.
Sun, Mar 6 3:55 PM Quarkstar review of Shallow Waters by hofmeister
Excellent and faultless first track on ccmixter! Mature, complex and cinemati...
Sun, Mar 6 6:40 AM Quarkstar review of Calling on Dolphins by fourstones
I loved the start but I think the piano fights against the rest of the track, be...
Sun, Mar 6 6:07 AM Quarkstar review of The Magic Flute by Stefan Kartenberg
A lot of work in this! Really good.
Wed, Mar 2 12:47 PM Quarkstar review of Treeline Passage by Speck
Beautiful and evocative. Its a tune for all sorts of film.
Wed, Mar 2 12:35 PM Quarkstar review of The Gateway by Snowflake
Absolutely beautiful. As delicate as spun glass, as resilient as the wind.
Wed, Mar 2 12:20 PM Quarkstar review of Impression by unreal_dm
Thats lovely, inspiring too. I am hearing all sorts of remixes.
Sat, Dec 5 9:38 AM Quarkstar review of Anyway You Want It by texasradiofish
This is so good and exciting. Wonderful music and musicianship on display. Excel...
Mon, Nov 16 1:24 AM Quarkstar review of One Step (Triphop mix) by CSoul
Strong music, strong emotions. Peace.
Sun, Nov 15 10:14 AM Quarkstar review of Transport to Your Heart by Calling Sister Midnight
I was anticipating listening to your remix, it didn't disappoint.
Sun, Nov 15 9:40 AM Quarkstar review of Get Up! by Kara Square
Great sensibilities and vision. The live feel really matches the vocals, cleverl...
Sun, Nov 15 9:28 AM Quarkstar review of Chagall's Dream by essesq
This is just so beautiful, gets me every listen. Perfect complements.
Sun, Nov 15 9:12 AM Quarkstar review of Saint Martins Lane by Scomber
You dug deep and came up with a gem. Really well done.
Sun, Nov 15 6:44 AM Quarkstar review of Welcome To Quarkstar by Loveshadow
Quarkstar to capital ship Loveshadow. After the the genetic mix that Igoto Wi...
Sun, Nov 15 2:21 AM Quarkstar review of Endless by Psykick
Very nice remix.