Shifting Seasons Secret Mixter

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Wed, Sep 13 11:41 PM Quarkstar review of Who (see a beautiful getting old) by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful vocals.
Wed, Sep 13 7:15 AM Quarkstar review of nightWalk by airtone
Great atmosphere. Taking mwic's tune for a walk through the city.
Wed, Sep 13 6:50 AM Quarkstar review of Open by Scomber
Sounds like you are in the same room working together. Lovely remix that adds a...
Wed, Sep 13 6:41 AM Quarkstar review of Les quatres saisons by Bluemillenium
Every act of creation changes the creator. In this creation the listener is tran...
Tue, Sep 12 4:27 PM Quarkstar review of April by Abstract Audio
Wow! Great remix, thoroughly enjoyed the track, a real toe tapper. Great reworki...
Tue, Sep 12 7:34 AM Quarkstar review of Dinosaur Bones by Abstract Audio
DnB review: Great use of Kara's vocals. The tune feels right on the edge, bold a...
Tue, Sep 12 7:18 AM Quarkstar review of Black cat Funky by reusenoise
Nice streamlined mix with an infectious backing. Great production values and use...
Mon, Sep 11 9:58 PM Quarkstar review of Reusenoise (DNB Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Fun tune, sounds much faster than 80 BPM. The drums have a marching element to t...
Mon, Sep 11 9:26 PM Quarkstar review of Gather 'Round (Quarkstar Mix) by Darkroom
Excellent remix, skilful re-pitching and changing tempo of the samples to get a...
Mon, Sep 11 8:51 PM Quarkstar review of In the Shadows (of your wings) by Admiral Bob
Thanks for the excellent remix, I think this is the 5th time you have rescued me...
Mon, Sep 11 3:45 PM Quarkstar review of Transmutation by Kara Square
Very distinctive, your sense of rhythm is both spot on and unique. You use pause...
Sun, Sep 10 4:03 AM Quarkstar review of Who (see a beautiful getting old) by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice, using the words to suggest the changing season. Lovely arrangemnt.
Sat, Sep 9 11:09 PM Quarkstar review of Rise Up (Like the Sun) by Snowflake
Excellent remix. I listened to the original samples and amazed how you brought t...
Sun, Aug 20 11:14 PM Quarkstar review of African meditation dance by Stefan Kartenberg
A lovely journey, beautifully done.
Sun, Aug 20 10:58 PM Quarkstar review of City Life [Old School Mix] by Mr. Pepino
Nice arrangement of the samples to give the vocals an old-style feel.