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Reviews left by timberman

Sun, Sep 7 1:11 AM timberman review of Dressed to Kill (Dance It Dance All) by copperhead
You've changed style. Please stick to it, you're very good at it:)
Sun, Sep 7 1:09 AM timberman review of A Praise To Paradise (H'Om On The Range) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Loved Speck's original. Love this even more.
Sun, Sep 7 12:50 AM timberman review of Echoes of the Mind by spinmeister
One can hear you were affected by Kara's words. A very emotional and personal co...
Sun, Sep 7 12:43 AM timberman review of Circling .... by VickyDan
I appreciate artists who have a personal, sometimes even unique style and approa...
Mon, Sep 1 1:15 PM timberman review of Let It Go by copperhead
Actually the perfect house beat is at 129 bpm's:) I listen a lot to electronic...
Mon, Sep 1 9:07 AM timberman review of She by debbizo
Very good!
Mon, Sep 1 9:02 AM timberman review of Ain't that way by Shelflife
I like it. Loose and free. High production points too.
Mon, Sep 1 8:53 AM timberman review of Another Little Dagger by Robert Warrington
Love the pictures you paint with your words and your musical compositions always...
Mon, Sep 1 8:44 AM timberman review of Red Queen .... by VickyDan
Excellent composition. Congrats on the ed-pick, my friend.
Mon, Sep 1 8:42 AM timberman review of H'Om On The Range by Speck
Just the other day I hooked up in Stockholm with someone who used to spend quite...
Thu, Aug 28 9:43 PM timberman review of AT's machine gun (#2) by diaphane
Beautiful darkness. Love it!
Thu, Aug 28 12:37 PM timberman review of Money To Burn by Alex
Yep. It's a hit.
Wed, Aug 27 11:55 AM timberman review of Deeper by Speck
Incredible track. The dynamic production is true pro & up there among the best a...
Tue, Aug 26 10:16 PM timberman review of Thrill_Me by Stefan Kartenberg
Tight in a number of good aspects
Tue, Aug 26 10:28 AM timberman review of Two Turntables and a Microphone by copperhead
Another well produced and arranged shortie. Much enjoyed.