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Reviews left by Papa_Zulu

Fri, Nov 19 4:29 PM Papa_Zulu review of Cookin' & Singin' (The Guests of Nature Masked Remix) by SackJo22
Well, if you were actually nervous when you put this together it doesn't show, y...
Mon, Nov 8 5:54 PM Papa_Zulu review of 002 - The Utterance Ep#2 by Revlin
HA! this is why I leave midi files! I think this is a great example of how one c...
Sun, Nov 7 11:02 PM Papa_Zulu review of Winter Mask by Grizzly616
I love your electronica and arrangements of cuts Griz, (I still have "Harder" in...
Sun, Nov 7 10:55 PM Papa_Zulu review of The Emperor and the Nightingale by Ivan Chew
I really like this Ivan! For me, it did tell a story. Reminded me of a short fil...
Wed, Oct 6 9:58 PM Papa_Zulu review of A Trio by debbizo
Great stuff, the timing of the phrases with the background kept me listening and...
Wed, Oct 6 9:37 PM Papa_Zulu review of Independence Days by commmorancy
Ha, sorry a little late, but I love the "groove" - I think it really created a k...
Mon, Sep 27 10:53 PM Papa_Zulu review of The Soul Longs by SackJo22
Oh my gosh I just looooove that groove you have going on! The ending is a great ...
Mon, Sep 27 10:44 PM Papa_Zulu review of Dear Mr Williams (I am a Songwriter) by Ivan Chew
Great production man, your riffs always have that epic sound. Love the middle 8 ...
Sat, Aug 28 10:58 AM Papa_Zulu review of Deadly Serenade by morgantj
Great production TJ, you made the voco voice sounds great! Excellent mix.
Wed, Aug 18 8:14 PM Papa_Zulu review of More Than 2 Sides (accapella) by Colin Mutchler
Great pipes! Great song.
Sun, Aug 15 7:21 PM Papa_Zulu review of That Same Old Thang by Songboy3
Great pipes, and nice read!
Fri, Aug 13 11:26 PM Papa_Zulu review of O Come Thee Down by jacindae
This has to be the best modal piece I have ever heard on CC mixter! Excellent, e...
Fri, Aug 13 11:23 PM Papa_Zulu review of Blake's Song of Free Speech & Song by Anchor
Love your style!
Fri, Aug 13 6:20 PM Papa_Zulu review of Freedom in my Voice by Donnie Drost
As others have said, you do have a great voice, and as always, kick-ass guit!
Sat, Jul 24 10:44 AM Papa_Zulu review of Crank It Up by Alex
Wow Alex, this song Kicks Ass(tm). I love Adm Bob's comment about the Who - so t...