Break the Silence Event-extended!

Reviews left by Papa_Zulu

Fri, Apr 22 10:10 PM Papa_Zulu review of Canticle of Peace by Briareus
Love the arrangement B!
Thu, Apr 21 7:39 PM Papa_Zulu review of WE DONT Even Dream by Loveshadow
Wow I have to say this is the best crossover of a spoken word I've heard on this...
Thu, Apr 21 5:43 PM Papa_Zulu review of Wink Nod Smile Shake by spinningmerkaba
Ahh yes, I remember this in one of the Dr.'s lectures - why speak when a smile w...
Wed, Apr 20 8:59 PM Papa_Zulu review of Like Music by phasenwandler
I think you have a great chord progression there and a great arrangement! Did yo...
Wed, Apr 20 8:55 PM Papa_Zulu review of The Power To Strike by Mana Junkie
Wow the Strike the Root project really has produced some great remixes - and (in...
Wed, Apr 20 7:52 PM Papa_Zulu review of Money Buys Results by Admiral Bob
A great use of funk! For me I imagine some politician in a fuzzy pimp hat reachi...
Tue, Apr 19 11:23 PM Papa_Zulu review of Strike the F### Root by copperhead
Great rock song copperhead and crew - didnt see the 2 chords as a distraction in...
Tue, Apr 19 10:36 PM Papa_Zulu review of Power to Strike by Kara Square
I gotta say to Im amazed at that the instrumentals were developed separate of th...
Tue, Apr 19 10:29 PM Papa_Zulu review of Power To by Octif
I liked the mixing of the vox also, as if the clean vox is a person right next t...
Tue, Apr 19 10:24 PM Papa_Zulu review of Power to Strike - Vocal Stems by Kara Square
Badass vox! Fit perfectly in my metal ballad! Thanks so much!
Mon, Apr 18 1:08 AM Papa_Zulu review of 3 Chord Greed by PorchCat
Pretty awesome PorchCat, I'm mixing one up with these stems, and another ryth gu...
Fri, Feb 11 8:38 PM Papa_Zulu review of No Sleep - Vocals by LunarRising
This is a great song, well done! love the progression
Mon, Feb 7 10:48 PM Papa_Zulu review of L.T.H. (AA's Refix) by Abstract Audio
Ohh I likey!
Sat, Dec 11 12:12 AM Papa_Zulu review of Take Two Shots by texasradiofish
Holy Sh@%, this is f-in awesome man!
Wed, Dec 1 11:07 PM Papa_Zulu review of Wasteland by serenityfrost
Hah that's awesome Serenity, I love the Fallout series too, havent picked up veg...