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Morusque (Nurykabe):

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Sun, Jul 4 12:56 PM MalreDeszik review of Qui n’us quelqui ne solent l’urs by Morusque
Please it's a little clean but qui si on est qui si dit allo que pe ter mo po ti
Fri, Oct 23 1:49 PM panu review of 2020 10 23 pads 01 by Morusque
Tue, Aug 18 2:22 AM Apoxode review of 2020 08 17 perc loop 01 by Morusque
Short but sweet :) Any chance of setting this as ccPlus?
Fri, Jul 26 10:34 AM panu review of 2019 07 25 epiano 01 by Morusque
beautifully recorded samples (as usual). great to see you back. . . . +
Fri, Oct 12 4:47 AM panu review of 2018 10 11 seq loop 01 by Morusque
Wed, Aug 22 2:13 PM Apoxode review of 2018 08 22 percs 01 by Morusque
Wow! This is great -- my favorite part is the dripping sound. Liquid grooves lik...
Fri, Oct 9 12:53 PM Snowflake review of 260808 loops pins 01 by Morusque
Incredible sample!
Fri, Nov 23 6:36 PM coruscate review of 2012 11 21 evolver organ 01 by Morusque
That's funky! Seriously useable! What's the scale?
Fri, Nov 23 6:36 PM coruscate review of 2012 11 21 pd dark soundscape 30 by Morusque
I like the fact you're constantly tweaking out little bits of music. You're like...
Sun, Nov 4 7:47 AM lewk review of Funki good time by Morusque
I logged into ccMixter for the first time in 5 years to find my slap bass riff u...
Sat, Nov 26 11:38 AM stellarartwars review of Dupondius by Morusque
Superb little waddle through funky house, jungle and dubstep vibes. Great stuff,...
Mon, Nov 21 8:28 AM Hans Atom review of Dupondius by Morusque
I love your sound.
Mon, Nov 21 6:51 AM Blake review of Dupondius by Morusque
Super production...
Sun, Nov 20 3:14 PM Snowflake review of Dupondius by Morusque
i'm a huge fan of your work and this is right on par with your high quality prod...
Sun, Nov 20 8:22 AM SackJo22 review of Dupondius by Morusque
Wow! Fantastic work with the source which your transformed through your magic. ...