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Reviews left by Numeron

Sun, Nov 4 6:45 AM Numeron review of Heart Shaped Box by Scomber
Sun, Nov 4 6:29 AM Numeron review of Lucky by unreal_dm
This brought a smile to my face! Lovely sound
Mon, Oct 22 11:43 AM Numeron review of F##k 'Em ft. ProjectQUESTION (Dubstep Instrumental in Downloads) by exorell
Raw and angry - yeah!
Mon, Oct 22 11:21 AM Numeron review of Magic in your eyes by DreamSynth
Smooth groove
Mon, Oct 22 10:49 AM Numeron review of After the War by CSoul
Wow, this is really a great achievement - very powerful and epic. This was such ...
Sun, Oct 21 1:15 PM Numeron review of Music Through Love by Mana Junkie
Nice groove, big deep sound too
Sun, Oct 21 1:11 PM Numeron review of When you Wake up - fastforward mix by Manolo Camp
Great authentic 80s vibe
Sun, Oct 21 1:10 PM Numeron review of One Moon (In Every Pool) by Javolenus
Lovely rich and deep texture, the vocoder sounds great
Fri, Oct 19 1:51 PM Numeron review of Embrace The Taste by Alex
Oh yeah, you've got the authentic r'n'b sound goin' on baby!
Fri, Oct 19 1:44 PM Numeron review of Then Let Us Say Goodbye - Ivan Chew (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
This is a great uplifting interpretation of the vocals
Fri, Oct 19 1:32 PM Numeron review of Lost Hearts by Shyness
Very smooth, great work on the vocal effects
Fri, Oct 19 1:28 PM Numeron review of Unknown by TheDICE
I love the chord choices in this, they take turns I wasn't expecting - nice!
Fri, Oct 19 12:58 PM Numeron review of CSoul & Admiral Bob - Gardening on the Moon (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
Wow, this is a really ambitious take on Bob's vocals and you pulled it off! Grea...
Fri, Oct 19 12:54 PM Numeron review of And I Was Like ... by Javolenus
A real sophisticated groove going on here
Fri, Oct 19 12:52 PM Numeron review of Hands Up (cdk Island Mix) by Analog By Nature
Nice skanking groove bwoy!