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Reviews left by Numeron

Tue, Jul 24 12:43 AM Numeron review of Free Jazz and the Electricity Bill by annabloom
Your intricate sonic textures are always outstanding and this is no exception!
Tue, Jul 24 12:14 AM Numeron review of Merry Old England (Pub remix) by Zep Hurme
Fantastic! Definitely a modern day anthem - I can imagine Oasis playing this wit...
Tue, Jul 24 12:08 AM Numeron review of Just Drive by TheDICE
A really nice interpretation, great bass too!
Mon, Jul 23 9:21 AM Numeron review of Just Drive by Alex
This is a really masterful production, great stuff
Mon, Jul 23 3:57 AM Numeron review of Long so Long ( "So Long" remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
At last - big Javo dusts off his dancing shoes and hits the nightclub!
Mon, Jul 23 2:55 AM Numeron review of OTAKU / HEATHER by BOCrew
So laid back it's horizontal!
Mon, Jul 23 2:52 AM Numeron review of Let's Sing (ft. George Ellinas with Snowflake) by SackJo22
Wow! Full-on techno assault - this would rock the dancefloor!
Thu, Jul 19 11:02 PM Numeron review of Penso...Logo Desisto by Nethis
I love the Latin style and you've done it really well here One little addition ...
Tue, Jul 17 4:36 AM Numeron review of When You Go Away by Zep Hurme
Excellent, really stylish, and yes, fabulous chords. Works really well
Mon, Jul 16 11:55 AM Numeron review of The Fighter by Steven M Bryant
Brilliant! Takes me back to my old Iron Maiden days!
Sun, Jul 15 2:12 PM Numeron review of Music Biz Today by Alex
Makes me want to jump up and down whilst gobbing on music executives!
Sun, Jul 15 7:27 AM Numeron review of Dm128-TigaSwingGroove by Javolenus
Very classy indeed!
Sat, Jul 14 12:20 AM Numeron review of I'm Falling by texasradiofish
This is unbelievably good! You might find the word 'smooth' gets overused in the...
Sat, Jul 14 12:03 AM Numeron review of Freedom to Share by TheDICE
Rockin! Fight the Power!
Fri, Jul 13 4:53 AM Numeron review of G is for Goodbye by radiotimes
Wow, powerful, I love this. It's in a similar vein to Bonnie Prince Billy, who I...