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Reviews left by Numeron

Sun, Aug 12 4:08 PM Numeron review of Wiggle Room by TheDICE
A great bit of rock and roll!
Sun, Aug 12 2:53 PM Numeron review of Are We Allowed to Go There? by short hopper
Keep the screams!
Sun, Aug 12 2:46 PM Numeron review of Thank You For Your Consideration by Sturzstrom
Brian Eno would be jealous of this!
Sun, Aug 12 2:40 PM Numeron review of Falling by Jeris
Rockin! The guitar solo is fab!
Sun, Aug 12 2:35 PM Numeron review of Funked Again by texasradiofish
Fantastic! I agree with Jeris, that was the first thing I thought - that this re...
Fri, Aug 10 1:55 PM Numeron review of Let's Keep It Positive by Javolenus
Great song Jav!
Fri, Aug 10 1:32 PM Numeron review of Is Anybody Listening? by unreal_dm
Very smooth, it's got a little Latin groove to it too, lovely!
Fri, Aug 10 1:04 PM Numeron review of Generic Things (Rub-A-Dub-Dub Mix) by Joel Frijters
Well you know I love the dub KungFu, and you didn't disappoint! Great lyrics fro...
Thu, Aug 9 3:14 PM Numeron review of Crossing the Pond (feat. Anji Bee & audiotechnica) by Wired Ant
I had forgotten what a lovely sound the glockenspiel has, beautiful!
Tue, Aug 7 10:10 AM Numeron review of Brace by Alex
Fantastic, the power of the guitar with the vocal reminds me of something like E...
Tue, Aug 7 10:03 AM Numeron review of Tant M'abelis by Zep Hurme
Another supreme production, just amazing!
Tue, Aug 7 9:56 AM Numeron review of Gardening on the Moon by CSoul
I love the guitar and organ in this - sounds great!
Mon, Aug 6 12:14 PM Numeron review of Dance by TheDICE
Hey Dice, that feeling of "paranoia" when you listen to other producers' work is...
Sun, Aug 5 8:24 AM Numeron review of Hearing Blue by Zep Hurme
I just love this, listened to it a few times this weekend!
Sun, Aug 5 3:18 AM Numeron review of You're Too Kind by Robert Warrington
Great, sounds like it could be a Nick Cave track, Kara's vocals work perfectly t...