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Let's Keep It Positive

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Song idea inspired by John Martyn’s “May You Never”. Will add stems. Lyrics:

I say, I say, I say,
It’s just my simple way
Everyday, in every way,
I say let’s keep it positive …
When you lose your way
May you find a spirit guide
When your bus breaks down
May you always hitch a ride
When you lose your job
May you never lose your pride
When you are on the run
May you find a place to hide
When you hit the sack
May you not sleep alone
When you hit hard times
May your heart not turn to stone
When you go into red
May the bank extend your loan
When you skid on banana skins
May you never break a bone
When you fall from grace
May you land on your feet
When your cupboard’s bare
May you find a crumb to eat
When you’re down and out
May you find love on the street
When you are missing a piece
May your puzzle be complete
When your fortunes take a dive
May you come up with a pearl
When you make Hollywood
May you make the girl
When you can’t be a duke
May you be an earl
When you can’t reach the stars
May you conquer the world

"Let's Keep It Positive"
by Javolenus

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