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Reviews left by Numeron

Mon, Sep 17 2:04 PM Numeron review of dont you get me? by urmymuse
That is certainly a killer bassline - great groove around it too
Mon, Sep 17 1:44 PM Numeron review of Elijah Baley's Blues - Caves of Steel theme (ft. Abstract Audio) by Ivan Chew
I love tracks like this where I'm surprised by the unexpected - it takes so many...
Mon, Sep 17 1:35 PM Numeron review of Unsaid (No Forever) - Vocal Remix by PattsiPeng
Great, powerful vocal - I've downloaded this and will try something!
Mon, Sep 17 1:29 PM Numeron review of Bottoms Up by texasradiofish
Getting my groove on to this!
Mon, Sep 17 1:27 PM Numeron review of CDK strolls through a darkened forest and little did he know the angels befell him by Joel Frijters
This has to be one of the most powerful openings I have heard in a while - I was...
Sun, Sep 16 7:09 AM Numeron review of Where do you go? by Jeris
Oh yeah!
Sun, Sep 16 7:07 AM Numeron review of Closer Now (Get Funky Mix) by Snowflake
Awesome, I thought of Timbaland too, especially the Justin Timberlake stuff he d...
Sun, Sep 16 7:04 AM Numeron review of CHOPINE PRELUDE NO.5 by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Sun, Sep 16 7:00 AM Numeron review of Could Be - Jenny Mayhem and Jesse Taylor (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Sun, Sep 16 6:56 AM Numeron review of harmony remix by Manolo Camp
Lovely, sounds fantastic
Sun, Sep 16 6:54 AM Numeron review of Straight Outta Gal'ton by GeneralStrike
As we say in Scotland...Bouncin'!
Sun, Sep 16 6:52 AM Numeron review of All I Wear Is Chucks by Blake
Sun, Sep 16 6:44 AM Numeron review of He Forges Mighty Armour by Admiral Bob
Great stuff, I can see the Knopfler comparison - it gives the same sort of spine...
Sat, Sep 15 3:42 AM Numeron review of Island by Jeris
Loved it after the first second! Perfect jazz accompaniment to my morning coffee...
Sat, Sep 15 3:39 AM Numeron review of Officer Down by Loveshadow
This is so smooth I'm almost sliding off it!