Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Thu, Oct 11 9:59 PM Mr_Yesterday review of illustrous congress by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Apology accepted ;-). Thanks, Martin!
Sun, Sep 30 1:15 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Flip The House (DnB Mix) by Mr. Pepino
Nice take on this, lots of energy (plus bonus points from Mrs_Yesterday's recomm...
Sat, Sep 29 3:22 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Flip the House by reiswerk
Hey, thanks for using. Great mix of the different pells and I *love* the trombon...
Wed, Sep 12 11:07 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Get Out to Vote by Kara Square
Positivity, YEAH! And the best cure for the current situation
Sat, Sep 8 4:00 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Turn Up the Peace by Aussens@iter
Thanks for this. Sounds authentically eighties esp. with the synths and smoothed...
Tue, Sep 4 9:17 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Turn Up the Peace by Stefan Kartenberg
I'm really enjoying this, Stefan. Thanks for *amplifying*!
Sat, Aug 25 10:13 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Alt Night Vendor by Speck
V. nice, Speck, and thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of layers nicely interwoven with a ...
Sat, Aug 25 9:07 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Stone Kat by Javolenus
Love these little meditations of yours.
Sat, Jul 28 11:26 PM Mr_Yesterday review of The Singularity by Aussens@iter
Thanks for driving this right over the cliff!
Sun, Jul 15 9:17 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Listen by Stefan Kartenberg
Interesting twist and I see where it's going. I'll need to send you a volley bac...
Sun, Jul 8 11:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Phrase I'm Going Through by Mana Junkie
Now that's a fun sample resurrection: clean and simple, works really well. Plus ...
Sun, Jun 10 3:48 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Mother's Gone by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan, for putting this in a tranquil setting, far less sombre than my ...
Sat, Jun 2 1:16 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Dry as a Bone by texasradiofish
Heh, heh, trippy. I'ma love it.
Tue, May 15 8:06 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Adaptation Is Surrender (pell) by Speck
Lots of good lines here. Much enjoyed!
Sun, Apr 29 10:03 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Singularity by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan, very fun. I had only a mobile phone all day so I had to wait to ...