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Reviews left by Levihica

Sun, Mar 8 3:05 PM Levihica review of Don't Be Afraid by Doxent Zsigmond
That all fell into place wonderfully. Sounds amazing. Great job!
Sat, Mar 7 8:37 PM Levihica review of I Can See DNA in the Sky by Skill_Borrower
Your style is so personal and original. Love all your work. Good going!
Mon, Mar 2 9:33 PM Levihica review of Deep In The House Of ccMixter - Take Two by musikpirat
Thanks for including me musikpirat!
Sun, Feb 15 11:24 AM Levihica review of Big Stocks (Are Falling) by Doxent Zsigmond
Very cool. Keep having dreams!
Sat, Feb 14 6:03 PM Levihica review of Violet Disco by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wow you really put in some spice there. Nice bass work. Sorry I didn't upload s...
Sat, Feb 14 3:27 PM Levihica review of Seal People by Skill_Borrower
Love your style
Tue, Jan 20 5:07 AM Levihica review of Untaggable (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
I am truly impressed. Incredible song, so full of live and energy, makes me get ...
Mon, Nov 17 2:40 PM Levihica review of Thrill Me by CSoul
Like it very much. Good Job.
Mon, Nov 17 2:22 PM Levihica review of we are the robots by Stefan Kartenberg
I really like all your stuff. You are very talented.
Mon, Nov 17 1:57 PM Levihica review of Kara_s_song by Stefan Kartenberg
Mon, Nov 17 1:33 PM Levihica review of TSA keep your hands at bay. by reiswerk
Very cool.
Mon, Nov 17 12:25 PM Levihica review of Straight_to_the_Light by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautiful. Love it.
Sun, Nov 16 9:45 PM Levihica review of Intergalactic Bliss (Trance Mix) by KCentric
Very nice improvement. Great job!
Sun, Nov 16 3:52 AM Levihica review of Auto Motor Sport (Reha Mix) by keytronic
Good job keytronic. Sounds great!
Sun, Nov 16 2:26 AM Levihica review of Platinum Donation by copperhead
Fantastic. Love it.