Reviews left by keytronic

Tue, Dec 30 12:56 PM keytronic review of Bass In Your Face (short mix) by Astral
not my kind of music but this has really some great beats. (Maybe you can add s...
Tue, Dec 30 12:54 PM keytronic review of Eldorado by Doxent Zsigmond
wow...this is kind of a moon safari (maybe there is a place on the moon called e...
Tue, Dec 30 12:49 PM keytronic review of This is not love by CSoul
Brilliant. typical CSoul hypno-beat - perfectly fitting to diaphane's pella. Ni...
Tue, Dec 30 12:47 PM keytronic review of Maman Noël 2014 by Bluemillenium
Niiiiicccce. Could listen to this kind of christmas music for hours.
Tue, Dec 30 12:44 PM keytronic review of Gone gone. by reiswerk
Probably the best you did - at least for my taste.
Tue, Dec 30 12:42 PM keytronic review of half time for the human race by latopa
cool march. Bavaria meets New Orleans.
Tue, Dec 30 12:41 PM keytronic review of Under the Christmas Tree by Quarkstar
Disagree with Bluemillenium - this doesn't lack of energy. Needed time to dig wh...
Tue, Dec 30 12:36 PM keytronic review of Hibernate 'Til New Year's Day - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Hibernate or Hyperventilate - that's the question.... Great remix.
Tue, Dec 30 12:31 PM keytronic review of O Tannenbaum / Oh Christmas Tree by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
perfectly played and nice idea for the bassline
Tue, Dec 30 12:30 PM keytronic review of At the Top of my Christmas List by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
really nice bassline.
Tue, Dec 30 12:26 PM keytronic review of wiggle by attilajelinek1
nice and relaxing instrumental. I pretty much like the guitar melody paired with...
Mon, Dec 22 2:12 PM keytronic review of Hear the Bells > Catch that Chill by Scomber
Not only I like it very much...but how did you get the Pella that clean (I have ...
Mon, Dec 22 2:07 PM keytronic review of Machine loop by diaphane
I love it. Very cool - and very sexy.... I love your vocals when you sing fren...
Mon, Dec 22 2:05 PM keytronic review of Holiday Funky Blues by Scomber have eraesed every single bit of blue out of this. AND THATS Brilli...
Mon, Dec 22 2:02 PM keytronic review of 5 elements at the market by latopa
holy...this is damn good. I love the bass running....and you sax use is excellen...