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Reviews left by keytronic

Wed, Nov 26 4:17 PM keytronic review of Let's your body just flow by MrWU
Not my kind of music but I really like the quality you have generated here. (...
Wed, Nov 26 4:14 PM keytronic review of Terrified of your love by Shelflife
very cool stuff. I like the vocal setup....nice piano play also...
Wed, Nov 26 4:12 PM keytronic review of A Reason To Smile by Pitx
Wonderful and relaxing Jam. Really enjoyed it.
Wed, Nov 26 11:18 AM keytronic review of Badabing Badaboom by reiswerk
Reiswerk...soon you got your CD complete....and believe me - i will be one of th...
Wed, Nov 26 11:14 AM keytronic review of The Red Queen by Scomber
Dearest Scomber - your piano, flute, chello setup is such a wonderful soundbed f...
Tue, Nov 18 1:11 AM keytronic review of Boxcar by Scomber (deeplastik Hard Funk remix) by Deeplastik
Nice groove and perfect guitar solo. love this kind of psychedelic sound bed.
Tue, Nov 18 1:06 AM keytronic review of The Jeris loops by ditto ditto
yeah....thumbsup...this is very well accomplished. cool combination of the sampl...
Tue, Nov 18 1:03 AM keytronic review of My Klean Secret (Headphone Mix) by fourstones
This is truely a great remix. And well deserved Ed pick. Love it.
Tue, Nov 18 1:01 AM keytronic review of We are Connected (the Chemma Chi Remix) by SackJo22
Very cool....loove it. Love the richness of your vocals of the cool beat. Lot of...
Tue, Nov 18 12:59 AM keytronic review of Pulse of the Party by Kara Square
This is kind of funny. It took me a time to dig it. But after about half the tra...
Tue, Nov 18 12:55 AM keytronic review of Fine Print (ouch interpretation) by Hans Atom
Boah...the bass, the guitars the beat. HAMMER! you absolutely nailed it. MY favo...
Tue, Nov 18 12:53 AM keytronic review of Dark & Dicey Sci Fi Soundtrack by essesq
Admiral Bob hit it 100% - thats what is in my mind when I listen to the track. M...
Tue, Nov 18 12:50 AM keytronic review of Intergalactic Bliss (Trance Mix) by KCentric
yes - the foundation was excellent already and your add ups makes this kind of a...
Tue, Nov 18 12:47 AM keytronic review of Just You Wait by Clarence Simpson
Cool beat and combination of the sources
Tue, Nov 18 12:44 AM keytronic review of Feel The Ground Burn Under The White Of The Moon by Scott Altham
This should be unpolished??? oh gosh... This is shining like a diamond.