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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Thu, Jan 24 10:46 PM Kraftamt review of Woods of Chaos by musikpirat
Beautiful piano play. Simply great.
Wed, Jan 23 12:35 PM Kraftamt review of Little symphony by Robbero
wow. What a spectacular song. good job.
Wed, Jan 23 1:28 AM Kraftamt review of Rioja / Nature's Perfect Food by mando_curious
just great. well done.
Wed, Jan 23 1:26 AM Kraftamt review of Christmas is not in the Fall by Quarkstar
wow. great arrangement. I like those wonderful orchestral sounds.
Wed, Jan 23 1:18 AM Kraftamt review of Start Each Day with Love - Vocals and Ukulele (Kara Square) by Kara Square
Great Song. a good start to the day.
Wed, Jan 23 1:12 AM Kraftamt review of Tell Me by Javolenus
brilliant song. I am of the same opinion as wired ant. The guitar playing is rem...
Wed, Jan 23 12:58 AM Kraftamt review of Orfeo (Donยดt Look Back) by & feat. Javolenus by Wired Ant
great work. really well done.
Wed, Jan 23 12:34 AM Kraftamt review of Shapeshifter by Super_Sigil
this is a unique mix. it's great what you do with the samples. you're really cre...
Sun, Jan 20 4:37 AM Kraftamt review of Guitar_Impro_Karsten by Javolenus
WOW. Many many thanks for this. wonderful guitar playing. thanks for the work. I...
Sun, Jan 20 4:29 AM Kraftamt review of Lord, Have Mercie (Steppin Mix) by coruscate
oh yeah that's a cool mix. amazing what you've done from the samples. i love it.
Sat, Jan 19 8:42 AM Kraftamt review of Choices May Change by Javolenus
the sound of this song reminds me of the 70s. great composition and compilation....
Sat, Jan 19 8:22 AM Kraftamt review of Seed (the song) by Snowflake
wonderful realization. The song text is very sensitive and it gives new hope and...
Sat, Jan 19 8:07 AM Kraftamt review of In Peace by Snowflake
great composition and piano playing. The text asks: You have to save the world. ...
Sat, Jan 19 7:44 AM Kraftamt review of the air spice heavy by urmymuse
cool. love it. Excellent lovely track.
Wed, Jan 16 2:53 PM Kraftamt review of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE ROAD by BOCREW LAB
very nice performance.