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Reviews left by Niemandsland

Sat, Aug 1 2:38 PM Niemandsland review of Slipping Away (monk mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
this silence in his voice! The diversity of your voice inspires me! cordially J...
Sat, Aug 1 2:29 PM Niemandsland review of I Got You Covered by Calling Sister Midnight
what a drive! And this beautiful voice. I must get the saxophone. As yet no one ...
Sun, Jul 26 10:50 PM Niemandsland review of saturday interlude by beckfords
a wonderful song with an excellent voice! cordially Jürgen
Sun, Jul 26 2:55 AM Niemandsland review of Emily by CiggiBurns
Very nice song. The voice is warm and soft and safe. cordially Jürgen
Sun, Jul 26 2:11 AM Niemandsland review of Eros' Lie -- Midnight Version by HEJ31
I do not understand why there are so few comments. A very intimate song. The har...
Sun, Jul 26 2:03 AM Niemandsland review of Man From the Shadows -- Guitar Cafe Version by HEJ31
very poetic guitar. It bears the song, like a flying carpet. Very good work! wa...
Sun, Jul 26 1:59 AM Niemandsland review of One for Me by SackJo22
the song I really like - it sounds fresh and alive. The guitar playing is very g...
Fri, Jul 24 11:08 PM Niemandsland review of when you're alone by Speck
Your work is very inspiring for me. cordially Jürgen
Fri, Jul 24 10:52 PM Niemandsland review of che ti fa mia by Speck
that is to my taste! cordially Jürgen
Thu, Jul 23 7:57 AM Niemandsland review of Last Chance Conversation by radiotimes
It flows like the back and forth from high and low tide. A wonderful dialogue of...