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Reviews left by HaveMercy

Tue, Nov 8 1:16 AM HaveMercy review of River by Jeris
Lovely, very tasteful work.
Fri, Jan 14 2:22 PM HaveMercy review of So weird (William Berry + Morusque mix) by Morusque
Wow, i really love this. Great atmosphere.
Wed, Dec 1 12:39 PM HaveMercy review of Ananau by tethia
Hearing you sing is always 'disarmante', if that's the right word for it. And i ...
Fri, Oct 22 2:46 PM HaveMercy review of Trapped By Time by Subliminal
Haunting, beautiful
Thu, Sep 30 1:49 PM HaveMercy review of I Cant Seem To Help Myself ( AKA The bad shoplifters song ) by Loveshadow
"'Cause there's music in the air and lots of loving everywhere. So gimme the n...
Sat, Aug 28 6:53 AM HaveMercy review of Too Young by Loveshadow
Agree coompletely with BarryMorgan. Respectful work i'd say.
Fri, Aug 27 2:37 PM HaveMercy review of Sleep Lightly by oldDog
This is truly a masters' backing track, restrained and fully supportive to the g...
Wed, Aug 25 3:51 PM HaveMercy review of whatchusayin by grapes
Very nice style. Love the big sound.
Sun, Aug 8 2:56 PM HaveMercy review of just so (picky) by Speck
Tragic beauty telling me to just make the best of it.
Thu, May 27 2:12 PM HaveMercy review of Melting Into One by Loveshadow
It's so sweet my teeth crack, but man are you good at this. The way you've blend...
Tue, Jan 26 9:01 AM HaveMercy review of Rude Awakening by Krzysztof Sujata
Demanding, intriguing and intens. Very nice work.
Fri, Jan 15 12:10 AM HaveMercy review of SUCKAZ by Loveshadow
Phat, your soundtreatment is incredible on my (fairly good actually) headphones....
Thu, Jan 14 11:56 PM HaveMercy review of Impromptu in A by DoKashiteru
Impressive, a stimulating feeling of 'urgency'.
Thu, Jan 14 1:17 PM HaveMercy review of lipscotch by Speck
Everything may be music or nothing is. Whichever of the two, i love this kind of...
Sat, Jan 9 3:44 AM HaveMercy review of Walking_running_flying! by tethia
I can just imagine a little girl dancing to this cheerful tune :-) The combinati...