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Reviews left by Fireproof_Babies

Sun, May 11 10:05 AM Fireproof_Babies review of Yor The Man, Natchoongi by Doghouse Riley
Oh hells yeah! This is the best Natchoongi remix ever. Just brilliant.
Sat, May 10 5:05 PM Fireproof_Babies review of Motherless Child, Motherless Nation by radiotimes
Womb music, eh? Think you just invented a new genre. Absolutely love the song!...
Sat, May 10 12:25 PM Fireproof_Babies review of Motherless Child a cappella by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
this is a great pell, my man. You did a fine job of conveying a languid sadness....
Sat, May 10 12:05 PM Fireproof_Babies review of Groovy Enough by teru
thanks for this was ripe for remixing. Great track
Fri, May 9 4:28 PM Fireproof_Babies review of Oh My Antonia by Subliminal
nice........reminds me a bit of Roxy Music in about 1973; with the mellotron an...
Wed, May 7 11:51 AM Fireproof_Babies review of Unforgiven by spinmeister
This is a shining example of what is possible on the mixter. Sublime tune, my ma...
Wed, May 7 6:52 AM Fireproof_Babies review of Remix Culture Addict by shagrugge
Oh yeah.......feelin' it fo shizzle:) got my head bobbin'.
Tue, May 6 1:12 PM Fireproof_Babies review of One piano, one girl, lots of angst by radiotimes
Wow---sweet! Sounds like the two samples were meant for each other.
Sat, May 3 5:22 AM Fireproof_Babies review of Transmissions by PorchCat
"hisss...reear!" (kitty phonetics) missed this one when it was newly born. Migh...
Sat, May 3 5:07 AM Fireproof_Babies review of Metal Outbursts by Quantum Theor(y)
hee...hee... Love it. Metal outbursts are a rare find indeed on the mixter.
Fri, May 2 4:51 PM Fireproof_Babies review of The Rainy Season by duckett
Whoah neat...didn't think anyone would ever use that spoken word. A friend told ...
Fri, Apr 25 3:39 PM Fireproof_Babies review of Love Kaer Shadow Trouz Jericho Vs Unforgiven by Kaer Trouz
Sweet and intimate. You showed great restraint with this languid beauty; by lea...
Tue, Apr 22 5:46 AM Fireproof_Babies review of Ain't It Funny by duckett
Lovin' the funky but restrained bass. Really, the whole mix is exactly what is...
Mon, Apr 21 7:08 PM Fireproof_Babies review of I Guess It's a Remix Now by teru
Oh hells yeah...could hardly like it more. I do love pseudo-scientific poetry co...
Tue, Apr 15 5:41 AM Fireproof_Babies review of The Tears of Lady X by Loveshadow
Ha! think I'm the first to review; the early bird on this juicy worm. I can see...