Quintessential Solstice Event
Sun, Jan 24 8:17 PM Pluggy Plugs :: "new" "album" from Do Kashiteru
go here! "new" is in quotes because you guys here at ccMixter have already he...
Wed, Dec 2 5:05 AM Announcements :: Happy to Announce New File Size - 50MB (beta)
wonderful! I'm very glad to hear about this. Hopefully this will encourage all s...
Wed, Jul 8 6:37 PM Announcements :: Help us get the ccmixter Podcast Channel listed on iTunes!
Done and done. Fantastic idea!
Thu, Mar 19 3:13 PM Parts Wanted :: Scomber's card game to choose a daily genre
So, I'm doing things a little bit differently - it's not really applicable to yo...
Thu, Mar 19 2:50 PM Parts Wanted :: Scomber's card game to choose a daily genre
Dude, this is an absolutely awesome idea. I'm running upstairs to grab an old de...
Sat, Jan 24 2:26 PM The Big OT :: Secret Mixter 5
Sign me up! I loved the idea and was quietly hoping that there'd be another at s...
Fri, Dec 26 2:21 PM The Big OT :: Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, all, and we hope you have an excellent holiday season!
Mon, Jul 28 9:55 AM Pluggy Plugs :: oh yes. DoKashiteru's album at Jamendo
Hurrah! http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/29051 Enjoy - there's a few tracks t...
Mon, May 5 8:22 AM DIY :: Bass Players Speak Out
Whoo! I got one posted here! More will come!
Fri, May 2 10:54 AM DIY :: Compositional Methods
Thanks for that ixi-software link, there's some really great stuff there!
Fri, May 2 10:40 AM DIY :: Community, variety, and gratitude
Man, that's the truth! Thanks to everybody for making this such a welcoming envi...
Fri, May 2 10:38 AM DIY :: Vintage Moog samples for Reason users
Hey, all! I just wanted to let you know; I go to a college that has a genuine 60...