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Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Tue, Aug 11 7:42 AM DoKashiteru review of Perfume (GE Music Box Mix) by George_Ellinas
Wow. Not what I was expecting, but even better...very powerful song here, George...
Tue, Aug 11 7:10 AM DoKashiteru review of Let Yall Know - Swagger Mix by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
This is awesome! Great loop, awesome production, and the rhythm section is perfe...
Mon, Aug 10 2:27 PM DoKashiteru review of We Are In Love Light Jazz Mix by unreal_dm
Really, really excellent. A fantastically played and produced cocoon for the voc...
Mon, Aug 10 8:30 AM DoKashiteru review of Ice and Chilli by _ghost
Wow, wow, wow, wow, this is COOL.
Mon, Aug 10 6:21 AM DoKashiteru review of The Bitter End by Subliminal
Wow. This is really, really good - the percussion is absolutely excellent and th...
Mon, Aug 10 6:13 AM DoKashiteru review of If I Wait by MC Jack in the Box
Excellent mix, MC! A very smooth take here - I love the relaxed feel of it. Feel...
Wed, Aug 5 3:02 PM DoKashiteru review of part of a ... day dream by urmymuse
Very, very pretty. I love the cascading feel of this!
Wed, Aug 5 5:44 AM DoKashiteru review of Under The Velveteen Skies by Ivan Chew
Beeeeautiful. My high expectations have been met with a vengeance :D
Tue, Aug 4 8:00 PM DoKashiteru review of Erhu (Twilight sample) by Ivan Chew
Wow! That's a really interesting sound - has an almost vocal quality to it, I th...
Tue, Aug 4 7:57 PM DoKashiteru review of Under the Velveteen Skies by narva9
Beautiful! And what a collaboration that's going to be - I'm really looking forw...
Tue, Aug 4 7:48 PM DoKashiteru review of Baby by Analog By Nature
Oh, cool! What a great take on oldDog's masterful piano playing. I love it!
Tue, Aug 4 7:46 PM DoKashiteru review of don't you run (jazz mix) by oldDog
OOOOooooh, that piano. wow, man. Everything fits together beautifully, like it w...
Tue, Aug 4 10:30 AM DoKashiteru review of Untitled 2 by teru
a real beauty - great layering and smoothness throughout!
Tue, Aug 4 5:34 AM DoKashiteru review of the war (mixter mashup) by Analog By Nature
Good work on this! The elements blend well into each other and the overall effec...
Tue, Aug 4 5:30 AM DoKashiteru review of Maybe by ghosts4hire
Oooh, nice! Great feel to this track - I love the vibe at the beginning, and the...