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Reviews left by DipsyJade

Fri, Aug 14 6:37 AM DipsyJade review of Knowledge is The Power by Stefan Kartenberg
Voice Perfect .... well supported by the music of the sun.
Fri, Aug 14 12:47 AM DipsyJade review of Lightning Strikes Twice by unreal_dm
Quite suitable for this powerful voice. Very good instrumentation.
Mon, Aug 10 12:00 AM DipsyJade review of Just Beginning ( with Harmony ) by Steven M Bryant
Bravo for Harmonies
Sun, Aug 9 11:58 PM DipsyJade review of When She Sings by Steven M Bryant
Sun, Aug 9 11:55 PM DipsyJade review of Lightning Strikes Twice by Steven M Bryant
It's very pleasant to listen to. Maybe you should have done this "job" because y...
Thu, Aug 6 10:58 PM DipsyJade review of Emergence 6 by Bluemillenium
Génial et bien produit.
Thu, Aug 6 10:51 PM DipsyJade review of 2 Stories for Little Boy by Bluemillenium
Bon concept, bien orchestré. En résumé du bon boulot.
Thu, Aug 6 6:16 AM DipsyJade review of Pacific Sunset by spinmeister
A great moment of music here.
Thu, Aug 6 6:14 AM DipsyJade review of Letting It Go by Stefan Kartenberg
It really is something very attractive. Good adaptation for the acapella of this...
Thu, Aug 6 6:11 AM DipsyJade review of Eleven Pieces of Eight by texasradiofish
Very well realized.
Thu, Aug 6 6:09 AM DipsyJade review of Trust by Anchor
It really is something very attractive. Very well realized.
Thu, Jul 9 3:12 AM DipsyJade review of Green Sonata - Duet for Piano and Cello by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Good resonance.
Thu, Jul 9 3:10 AM DipsyJade review of Myxtery by skiron
Hello Ronny .... Even here, it's great and awesome .... Excellent composition wo...
Fri, Jul 3 9:12 AM DipsyJade review of The Living Game by Stefan Kartenberg
Great moment, great sonority. The Panu voice is beautifully accompanied.
Tue, Jun 23 12:27 AM DipsyJade review of Woof Woof by texasradiofish
Yes! it's true, a lot of magic here, everything is mastered of a hand of Master.