Reviews left by DipsyJade

Sun, Oct 11 2:00 AM DipsyJade review of Yeah, I Do by unreal_dm
Still a very careful and quality achievement. The adaptation of the voice is per...
Sun, Sep 27 5:29 AM DipsyJade review of Tell me again by Bluemillenium
Belle performance musicale, et bonne adaptation de la voix.
Sun, Sep 27 5:27 AM DipsyJade review of New Earth by Quarkstar
Surprising but endearing from the opening bars.
Sun, Sep 27 5:20 AM DipsyJade review of A Heart With Your Name On It by Geert Veneklaas
Voices and music are in unison .... Beautiful performance for this concept.
Sun, Sep 27 5:17 AM DipsyJade review of The Souls Of Insects by polyplus
Not easy to dial on of vocalises, but your challenge is a success here.
Wed, Sep 23 11:58 PM DipsyJade review of Yeah, I Do by Kara Square
Beautiful song for the circumstance. All my best wishes.
Sun, Sep 20 2:26 AM DipsyJade review of Stay by unreal_dm
Again a perfect mastery.
Sun, Sep 20 2:18 AM DipsyJade review of What Kind Of Man? by unreal_dm
It is still of high quality hearing, what you produce.
Thu, Sep 17 5:07 AM DipsyJade review of Safe by trustno1
Peut ĂȘtre avec une petite reverb dans la voix, et cela serait parfait(Ce n'est ...
Sat, Sep 12 12:05 AM DipsyJade review of Keep On Fighting by texasradiofish
It's big, very big even. I tip my Chapeau.
Thu, Sep 10 11:20 PM DipsyJade review of To Moderns by Speck
You are always audacious in your concepts.
Thu, Sep 10 12:19 AM DipsyJade review of You're Who I Need by SackJo22
Music very well adapted to your voice. A style that fits you perfectly in my opi...
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