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Reviews left by coruscate

Mon, Jan 13 10:18 PM coruscate review of Skate Break by Apoxode
An unexpected, but cool sampling pattern to use!
Mon, Jan 13 10:17 PM coruscate review of School Boys by Calyman
Smooth and laid back. This one is a nice track!
Mon, Jan 13 10:16 PM coruscate review of drum loop by naetica
This is a really nice drumbeat that's easy to rap over 8^)
Sun, Jan 12 6:23 PM coruscate review of this is seattle by martinsea
First off, I haven't even mixed my own son into music yet so you are the first h...
Sun, Jan 12 12:31 AM coruscate review of Jazzee Moteef by Javolenus
Simple and to the point. I can see various uses for this! Thanks for sharing!
Fri, Jan 10 9:52 PM coruscate review of Fluid Motion by moscardo
This is really cool Gold Skool material. I like. Truly.
Fri, Jan 10 9:41 PM coruscate review of Staying together as the first time by moscardo
This is an excellent R&B Style kit thank you!
Fri, Jan 10 9:38 PM coruscate review of I Have No Idea What I'm Doing by Admiral Bob
Warm, funky, awesome. Thank you.
Fri, Jan 10 12:29 AM coruscate review of The Lie by septahelix
You make awesome head nodders. And this is also the first time someone other ...
Fri, Jan 10 12:16 AM coruscate review of Take The Mushroom And Run by septahelix
That was f-bombing spectacular! I sat in my car, dog behind me, portable boom...
Tue, Jan 7 10:27 PM coruscate review of Just A Fool by Sascha Ende
I really like this... are there stems available?
Tue, Jan 7 10:18 PM coruscate review of Disco Duality by septahelix
I like how it's manic energy then it goes ambient... then back to manic again!
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