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Reviews left by Apoxode

Tue, Nov 5 6:54 PM Apoxode review of Da Awesomeness by DexDaYalloBirdy
Cool track, but you need to upload the stems!
Tue, Nov 5 11:17 AM Apoxode review of Behind the Sounds by Jorge Correo
I'm digging the experimental vibe :) Any chance of getting this without the dela...
Tue, Nov 5 3:31 AM Apoxode review of Whitewolf225 Endurance Promo by Whitewolf
Super cool, great mix of tracks as well!
Tue, Nov 5 3:28 AM Apoxode review of Madam Snowflake Endurance Promos by Snowflake
Very nice! Genius choice for music, well mixed, tight production. Love it :)
Tue, Nov 5 2:56 AM Apoxode review of Perspectives (Keeping it Bottled Mix) by Mana Junkie
Sweet, SackJo22's vocals go great with the track, like spoken word jazz, very co...
Sat, Nov 2 8:39 PM Apoxode review of Sackjo22 Endurance PSA by SackJo22
Super cool promo :) Awesome choice for music too!
Sat, Nov 2 8:31 PM Apoxode review of Lub Dub by septahelix
Nice, very hypnotic and meditative -- I like what you did with watery samples :)...
Thu, Oct 31 4:43 PM Apoxode review of autumn blues by Stefan Kartenberg
Sweet, a little sad ... bittersweet. Lovely gracework with the strings -- the pi...
Thu, Oct 31 3:02 PM Apoxode review of Mash the Pads by reiswerk
Oh, wow I love it! This is a great energetic mix, very bubbly. I like the cool e...
Wed, Oct 30 6:16 PM Apoxode review of Warm Angel Shoes by septahelix
Funky space hop, those vocals are the cherry on top. I like how you step just en...
Wed, Oct 30 6:06 PM Apoxode review of Boom Cut Drop by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeah! Rockin' out with Stefan, too much fun :) This is great, thank you so mu...
Sun, Oct 27 2:33 PM Apoxode review of Beautiful Octopus Woman by septahelix
Seismic bass! A solid workout for the woofers, no doubt :) Cosmic, too ... some...
Sun, Oct 27 12:34 PM Apoxode review of Near What's True by Speck
Fantastic! It's great to hear you play along with the schaffel :) As I was list...
Sat, Oct 26 5:46 PM Apoxode review of dnb nbd by septahelix
Nice! Great energy, infectious groove, well done :)
Fri, Oct 25 4:07 AM Apoxode review of Hometown by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow, this is awesome, Stefan! Your guitar performance is wonderful and I like al...